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The Bubble Eye Goldfish has big bubbles on the side of its head, which give it a truly bizarre appearance! 
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Mollie - 2008-02-14
I brought a goldfish home from the fair. It lasted for ages but one day it was swimming really slow, and would noy eat at all. Then, like a couple of day later, I came home from school and my mum said I have something to tell you. She said you better look in the kichen, and there he was floating on the water. I still miss him!

Yancy Scott - 2008-01-08
Yesterday I got a bubbled eyed gold fish. I was cleaning its tank and as I was putting in it in the net, it sudenly flopped out of the net and landed on the counter! I panicked and tolded my sister, but she didn't care and when I went to the counter it was DEAD. I cried and I still miss him.

Cat - 2007-12-22
I have a black bubble eye fish. I've had it for a few months now but i think he might be blind because he floats upside down looking like he's dead, but hes not and he doesn't seem to notice my other fish, Freckles. Freckles eats all the food and Beauty (the black bubble eyed fish) doesn't seem to notice when the food's there.

Angie - 2007-12-21
Okay, I really want this fish for X-mas but I'm not to good with gold fish. I've had tons of fish but all my gold fish have died. I really really really want one! So I'm not sure whether or not to get one. But I'm going to and hopefully it turns out to be a Success! Wish me luck...

ME - 2007-11-02
Ive had a bubble eye for a few years now. Her name is J lo because of her big booty. I have never had such a lazy but energetic fish before. She sleeps alot but once she smells food rushes to the top! I think shes very intersting since she floats butt up and sometimes swims upside down. she loves the micro bubbler and sometimes takes bites of air. It was an adoption fish I've grown to love.

Grace - 2007-07-22
I got my snail and then the next day it was dead. I don't understand why. I put one tablet in the tank, but he still didn't eat it. It climbed up the side and then the next morning he was dead. I think I'm going to go get another one. I just hope I won't kill that one.

Lara bekker - 2007-07-10
i am Lara bekker and iam 11 yrs old. I love bubble eyes. i had one for a month. i know lots about them. My one died of a illness and i still miss him!

Megan - 2007-05-31
I have a bubble eye and her name is little bub! shes so funny. I have had her for almost a year now. Shes a tough cookie and has survived longer than some of her past tank mates. Right now she is living with my Telescope eye Rick. Goldfish types like bubble eye and telsescope eye are the best types to be kept together because they both have poor vision due to their obstructions around there eyes. so they both will have an equal chance at finding their food and not be beaten to it by fish with "better" vision. So if you are thinking of getting a telescope or bubble eye fish, i would suggest keeping their list of potential tank mates selective. Your fish will be happier and healthier. Little bub and rick are the best of friends and do very well together, i am soon getting another bubble eye to add to the tank and hopefully they will all be good friends!

Howard - 2007-05-07
I once had 200 bubble eyed fish at once. They were all named individually, and loved equally. They somehow all started dying at the same time. They were all dead within a month of each other. To this day I still do not know why they died. :( I cried for days, and I still miss them. They were 3 years old, and beautiful. I miss them so much!

candice - 2007-03-02
i got a bubble-eyed goldfish for my birthday when i turned 20. this was a few years ago but i still think about moby from time to time. he was one of the greatest pets i'd ever had. he sometimes reminded me of a dog because he would dig in his rocks and sit (yes, sit) in this little plastic tree i put in his bowl. he was always friendly and would come up to me when i would get near the bowl. i didn't know a fish could have so much personality. he was a trooper, too. he got ick and i thought that was the end. but i was able to save him which was awesome. when i moved back to the valley there were a few more bugs then the beach he was used to, then i left him at my gramma's one weekend and she changed his water and accidentally caused his death. i was so sad. they're delicate little fish but he was my buddy for about 6-7 months. rip moby.