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A beautiful but violent fish, the iconic Red Devil makes for one of the most striking show cichlids in the hobby!
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Devil Dudes - 2005-10-22
Red Devils are great interactive fish. As mentioned on another post, they will come up to the glass and follow you. I run my fingers across the tank glass and RD likes to chase. This is their obvious territorial nature trying to have a piece of me. When feeding if you dip your finger in the water they will bite you, though my RD is only about 9cm (4") and teeth won't rip you to shreds. Though I may be a bit more reluctant if it grew to full size. My son also has another one. We had them in a single tank (app 60litres) but they would go at it hammer and tongs, so we separated them with glass first then into separate tanks.

Eric Meyer - 2010-05-25
i own a red devil and a midas which have been breeding like crazy every 3 weeks , however my devil and midas are the king/queen of my tank they rule everything i had a 12 inch pacu and he used to try to eat my midas till i had got the devil now theres a new boss in their town and he's running things his way << proud owner to say i love my devil, most ppl dont want them cause they get big but sometimes bigger is better to control your tank aggression

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  • luke - 2010-09-24
    Well I am new to the fish world and I just got a devil and it has eaten one of my gold fish do you know what to do?
ANTHONY WILCOX - 2009-05-10
I have 2 Red Devils, 2 Jack Dempseys, 1 Blue Devil, and 1 Oscar. All my fishes get along. My Red Devil Binky owns the tank and he kills other fish that I try to add to the tank. I tried to add a snakehead that was way bigger and my Red Devil killed it in less than 3 hours, and snakeheads get like 4 to 10 feet. The Snakehead was full grown. All my fishes are nice but I know not to bring new fishes into the tank that he's not familiar with.

dre - 2009-05-20
I have a Red Devil and he is the coolest fish ever. Although he can be difficult to handle with other fish he is still my favorite fish. The first day my Red Devil came into the tank he quicky became king of the tank. The other fish tried to pick on him and they quickly learned quickly not to mess with him. This fish is awesome and I suggest getting one for yourself

JuneK> - 2007-01-26
I unknowingly got a baby red Devil about 3 years ago. It grew pretty fast and is now about 7 inches long and as thick as my hand. Last year an undetermined resident of my tank laid some eggs but they never hatched. I had one other mild mannered cichlid in the tank then but it was some kind of blue colored african cichlid. In recent months my red devil killed off all other residents of the tank and has been named Hannibal. I dont want to get rid of him/her because its just such a cool fish. I still don't know the sex of this one but I'm watching to see if a forehead bump is starting to form on his head.

chris - 2007-02-02
I have a 10 inch Red Devil who I love and have had for about 6 years know. His name is buttercup. I named him this so people would get close to the tank and say "ooohh Buttercup is so cute" then get a face full of the meanest fish I have ever seen. So far it is working. When he was smaller he finished off a Jack Dempsey. He grew up with a pleco sucker fish who he finally dispossed when it out grew its hiding spot, then it attacked the hiding spot for hiding it so long. My girlfriend put another sucker in the tank about a year and a half ago and I was able to find a big enough spot for it to hide, it is still alive but not the best life. It is almost the same size as the Devil and wedged under a log, under constant surveillance. We love this Fish, Buttercup the Red Devil, and He hates anything with a pulse. I wouldn't change a thing.

Taylor - 2005-09-08
Red Devils are really really aggressive. When they lay eggs don't even think about messing with that fish. I have one and when they lay eggs they're cheeks get puffy and all they do is watch your every move. They are not bad fish but they're just too aggressive for me.

norman - 2007-01-02
Ive had my red devil named Bruce for about 5 years. He went from a pale white to a bright orange. He is about 10 inches and still growing at this point. He is in a 75 gallon by himself and doesnt like to be bothered by anyone except me when I feed him. Otherwise he doesnt even really like me all that well. My best advise to all is to keep that water clean and keep your fingers away from the water. otherwise enjoy!

MITCHELL C. - 2007-04-13
I have a red devil cichlid and he is a very large nasty fish. His name is Stryker. He hates me and everyone with a beating heart. His area is the whole tank and my entire bedroom. I have had friends come in to my room and they would freak out because Stryker would go nuts! He would ram the glas and flip his 4-pound cave over like we humans pick up a feather. After that happened, my friends would not want to go back in my room, that happened like a year ago. He is 8" long and about 5" tall. I have had him for a year or so. He is in a 55 gallon tank with two pleco's half his size and for some reason they are still alive. I have gotten bitten a whole lot of times and he got me to bleed pretty good all those times. I would tell anyone who has a 46 gallon or bigger tank to get this fish because these fish are cool, and very pretty fish with wonderful colors. Oh yea: If you keep your hands out of the Red Devil's tank then you are safe unless he or she jumps out of the tank.

Leah - 2008-07-17
The average life span of a red devil is 12 years, and they and will eat everything in the tank. So long as you keep the water clean, 25% changes weekly, they live a long and happy life. Plus they are great companions. Like a dog almost. Great personalities and definately adopt the owner. I have to pet mine when I change the tank water or he gets angry and pops me!