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A classic in every sense of the term, the Oscar Cichlid has long been heralded as one of the most spectactular and iconic of the aquarium fish!
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drew - 2008-07-15
I just bought one of these today. I'm glad that I looked at this site because I almost fed him goldfish flakes. He's about 2 inches right now, but I have him in a 35 gallon tank with one zigzag eel and an african dwarf frog. I'm upgrading next year.

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  • Chris - 2015-08-11
    I would just go and buy a 75 gallon and not waste money by keeping on upgrading. That's the minimum i would one Oscar in. And i would not keep him with the frog for long since they eat them in the wild.
riley - 2009-03-09
i got a tiger oscar in with 2 pink convict 2-3 inches and a jack dempsey 2 inches the oscar is 3 inches and it opened its mouth and my dad yelled look at the teeth on him lol.

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  • Chris - 2015-08-11
    Oscars have to set's of teeth, one in their throat that is used for chewing and the other that you have seen for holding prey.
Paul - 2010-03-02
I Have 3 Oscars 6 inch, 3 Convicts 2 inch, 3 Jacks 3 inch , 2 Catfish 2 inch, 2 Red Belly Pacu 4 inch, 1 Red Devil 5 inch, Puffer Fish 2.5 inch, 2 Crawfish, and 1 Blue Lobster 3 inch. They get along for the most part but the Red Devil screws around with the red belly Pacus a lot and 2 of my Oscars have a white dandriff on there Pectoral Fins. I can't figure out what it is. If anyone knows please let me know, I would appreciate it!

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  • Andy - 2010-03-03
    Sounds like you have a big tank! Starting off with your Red Devil. Very interesting and pretty aggressive fish. Shouldn't have too much too worry about it as long as you have a good bit of hiding places but keep an eye out, he could hurt your Red Belly Pacu! As for your Oscar's,hopefully I got to you in time, really does sound like the first stage of Ick. They have medication for it, not that much maybe $4.oo. Or if they were in the same batch from the same breeder, could be a marking. But, treat it as Ich. If they get to their second stage, 2000 hosts will attach themselves to your other fish and get them sick. But,unfortunately it usually takes till the second stage for all Ick treatments to be effective. Try Ick Clear Tank Buddies. I used it on the first stage and it worked. Hopefully I helped!
  • meya - 2010-03-27
    I had 2 tiger oscars. I had them for about 3 years and we are just now getting another one he or she is really big but right now it is not going so well. See they have ick which is a very bad disease that kills the oscars. Very easy for them to get. And right now we are doing all we can to help them.
  • Anonymous - 2010-03-31
    Is the white ich?
  • Ashley - 2011-07-26
    I had an albino tiger oscar and one regular tiger oscar for 9 or so months. They both started developing the "white dandruff" on their pectoral, dorsal, and tail fins. I assumed it was Ick and treated them for that but when it didnt work I tried treating them for bacteria, infections, and parasites. But the white spots just seemed to multiply and eventually covered most of their bodies. Nothing worked and they died within 3 to 4 weeks.
  • ron lovell - 2011-07-29
    How big is fish tank? Trying to set up freshwater in a 60 gal. Just bought 2 oscars, 1 red devil, and 1 blood parrott. How many do you think i should get? Recently thought about taking oscar back. I think they are going to get too big for tank.
  • Liam McEwan - 2011-08-15
    This white dandruff stuff is a sign of the fins decaying. Be sure to ad methelyn blue to your water and some fin rot prevention medicine.
  • Liam McEwan - 2011-08-15
    Ich or whitespot treatment should do the trick.
  • chrissy st jules - 2011-10-04
    Its ich. You need to go to the pet store and get drops REAL quick or it could get to the other fish
  • arish - 2011-12-27
    I have two tiger oscar which is 3 inch in size. They continues chase my 9 inch kio carp. What can I do.
  • donna - 2012-03-10
    Can u tell me what kind of treatment is needed for white flakes on Oscars body
  • ste dolan - 2015-06-22
    to many fish in one tank. the waiste they leave will be making the water toxic and the fish always bin agressive will make them stressed and a target for all sorts off desease. id take the oscars out in a tank on ther own. you will see a massive difference just by reducing the amaount of fish you have. you need to make the environment as natural as possible, for the fish to be at optimal health. your tank isnt natural in any way so the fish will stress and live misreble lives or even die if you leave it like this
  • Chris - 2015-08-11
    How big is your tank? For the number of fish you have and their Potential size, you should have a 450 to 500 gallon tank. Check your filtration and water quality. A test kit will run you about $25. Change 40% of your water ,turn your thermostat up to 80 gradually and keep at this temperature for 3 to 4 with ick medication. This will increase the life cycle of the parasite. After the treatment do another water change and make sure to vacuum the gravel.
Paul - 2015-07-18
I have a 120 gallon tank of cichlids and wanted to know if I could add a white oscar.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-07-23
    They are not community fish, read about the social behaviors of Oscars above on this page.
Kushan - 2010-05-18
I bought two white Oscars recently.. they were doing fine with 3 other Pacu's until I did a water change which almost caused their death.. But they all recovered from that. After about 2 days Pacu were fully normal eating all sorts of food.. Then I added two other fish a Red tail catfish and an Albino giant gourami. Now itz almost 3 weeks after I did the water change. But since then I never saw the two Oscars eating! They completely ignore the food.. & now the two white oscars have become very dark in colour.. Their white colour is turning in to black.. Whatz happening? What should I do?

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  • ste dolan - 2015-06-22
    keep the oscars on ther own. they are very intellegnt and aware of whats goin on, and they sulk, its not good to mix clever agressive fish with other species. seperate the oscars and all will be back to normal, its not a natural environment with the other fish, plus you could do with a water change twice a week with a couple of oscars. sound very poorly them fish
ste dolan - 2015-06-22
i had two oscars around 14inch. they wer huge. had them in a 5x2x2 tank. on ther own with two fluval 405 external filters. and it looked after its self reli. i fed them frozen mise, chicken,prawns. occasianal frogs from the pond, they lived for about 8 years.i fed them what they would eat in a few seconds so ther wasnt excess waist. was like having a dog in a fish tank, reli intellegent, and always greeted me wen i come in. they reconise different ppl. best fish ya can get. and they are bomb proof. i used to give mine apple and broccoli and garden peas. never had any problems with either. my oscars parents wer wild cort then mine wer captive bread so they wer hard as nails

samiran roy,india - 2012-01-03
Well,I have recently bought a 6ft x 3ft x3ft tank,but I have no fish in it now. Could anybody of you tell me what fish would be suitable for this tank?

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  • Tristan - 2012-05-28
    Lake malawi cichlids
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-05-29
    With a 6 foot tank you have a ton of options. I would stay away from Arowanas and large fish like that. Really depends on what you are looking for.
  • Specter99 - 2012-08-30
    Cichlids are a good one or kilifish I don't know saltwater can be good to like butterflyfish & saltwater betta -40 gallon for mature size
  • ste dolan - 2015-06-22
    2 oscars will thrive in that size tank. i would just have them two in ther. cleaning a tank out that big gets to be annoying. with just two oscars in ther and good filteration. you could keep hands on work to a minimum
Anthony - 2012-11-12
What fish can I put in with my 2 oscars?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-11-12
    First thing.  How big is your tank?
  • ste dolan - 2015-06-22
    i wouldnt put any with them. they will do better on ther own
Anonymous - 2014-11-07
is it safe to feed feeder fish Oscars? some people say feeder fish have diseases.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-11-07
    Feeder fish are just like all other fish, they are subject to disease. It is best to set up a quarantine tank to keep feeders in and only feed them after a 2-3 weeks once you are certain they are not sick.
  • hobbs - 2015-03-11
    Yes,feeder fish carries parasite ..some only...... By giving feeder fish ,oscars colour gets dull....only give high quality food...
  • sarah - 2015-05-26
    No I would not feed your Oscar feeder fish. Besides the parasites they may have in the long run they can give your Oscar fatty liver disease. And this speaks for any kind of live animal(mice,snakes...). Stick to pellets, insects and vegetables.
Anonymous - 2014-11-06
can tiger Oscars be fine with pangasis catfish? I have a 55 gallon tank with two Oscars and one pleco.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-11-07
    I wouldn't suggest it, these fish all get big. Your tank is way to small, even for the Oscars, and pangasius are very skittish fish.