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The Fairy Cichlid is graceful and hardy, making it an ideal Tanganyika Cichlid for the beginner!
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Lee - 2019-08-12
Your reccomended water change quantitys are way off. There is no good way to keep a healthy cichlid tank with such small weekly water changes. I do 70% every 5 days and have been for years often even more as long as the water temprature is the same and the water is adequately treate there is no issue.

mrsmelton2012 - 2012-11-20
I bought a pair of them. They killed every fish and then they battled it out. I decided to just keep the one by himself an he has been doing great for 3 yrs.

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  • JOHN DOWNING - 2013-02-22
    find this difficult to believe, i have had these fish for several years mixed with other cichlids, mainly african, and have never had a problem with aggression. is your or was your tank small, wonder if that could be the problem. or what were the other species you had in with them.
  • Gary Wynja - 2021-08-08
    I had a pair that became very aggressive and killed a couple smaller fish. I had to catch them and put them in jail for a couple days which knocked the bully out of em. Now they get along much better with others. I not have them in a tank with 6 other adults and they are all getting along.
  • Lee - 2019-08-12
    I had the same thing happen 2 of them paired off and attempted to kill all the others and tjis was in an extra wide 55g.
Kama Cooper-walden - 2018-05-31
I have a 120 litre tank and am looking to getting a single fairy chichlid, id also like some colour can anyone recommend some tank mates that would suit this size tank .

andy - 2010-06-22
I have a very large tank with different types of cichlids but there seem to be a pair of fairy cichlids digging out in between some rocks and the hole is getting very large is this a sign of them spawning? Only they say they don't dig but these have been doing this for the last few days and chasing anything that comes near it. Can anyone please help.

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  • paul - 2011-06-20
    Fairy chiclids do dig in caves as I have two pairs of which one pair have just spawned around 100 egss in the small cave they dug. Hope this info is good for you.
mitch - 2010-04-29
I have two tanks set up, a 30 gallon which I have a pair of brichardi that breed constantly and a 50 gallon which I have 5 small to midsized frontosa and a calvus. I added one brichardi to the mix and all went well so in an effort to free up some space in the 30 I moved 4 of the larger fry into the 50 gallon and everything works out fine, there is rarely any fighting, due to the large amount of rocks in the aquarium for them to hide in.
On another note, I recently switched my lighting from white to blue marine style lights and all the fish seem to be more active.

amos jr. - 2007-11-24
Make sure you don"t put a channel catfish with this fish. I've heard that you shouldn't have cichlids with a channel catfish. It will love it if you put african roots in your tank.

Anonymous - 2006-01-18
We have a mated pair that spawn every month or so. They're kept in a lightly-stocked 30 Gallon cube tank with rocks, aquarium sand & dense shells. The shell area is now exclusively reserved for the "family", other fishes are pushed out quickly. Several of the fry have grown to 1-2 centimeters and take care of the newer, smaller fry. Very family oriented fish. Easy to feed & care for and they seem to have a great personality.

Blaze - 2005-11-22
I just got a brichardi and it is swimming all over the place and likes to hide behind the plants

Lisa Schmitz - 2004-10-09
A friend gave me two adolescent brichardi because they were nipping the fins off of her other two brichardi. I put them in my community tank and they quickly became very bossy. I removed them from my 100 gallon & put them in a 10 gallon tank, gave them a conch seashell and boom within 2 weeks they had at least 50 tiny babies. She keeps them in the shell the first few days after they hatch. Nearly two months later Ive got around 200 babies; five fry or so. Incredible parents and beautiful fish.