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The Daffodil Cichlid is one of the most beautiful and hardy of the Tanganyika Cichlids!
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Shirl Hammerschmidt - 2018-09-02
Looking to purchase daffodils. Small

Anonymous - 2016-06-21
how much is a full grown Daffodil cichlid worth

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  • Rick Newberry - 2016-11-30
Anonymous - 2010-02-01
Very nice informative article - good writing!

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  • Stuart - 2014-12-12
    Hi I am new here but this is normal Cichlid stress don't worry lots oh hiding places plants caves best with plastic plants as they dig around in the gravel a lot
Robert Shortridge - 2014-03-21
I have two daffodil brichardi cichlids in a 37 gal tank sold to me as a breeding pair, male about 3' female about 2'. They were very skittish for the first week and the male has started to venture and open up but the female is acting quite strange, starting yesterday staying behind the filter housing rather than in the cave she has been in. The tank is in a high traffic hallway in the house, will this cause them excessive stress? Looking for some enlightenment with these fish. Thank you.

kal - 2013-04-09
I just got 4 of these cichlids and they seem to be very scared every time I walk up to the tank they run and hide is that normal.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-04-10
    Perfectly normal as they adjusting to their new tank!