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One of the easiest fish to keep, the Buenos Aires Tetra is great for the beginning aquarist!
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Jb - 2011-01-22
Why do most pet shops here in the Philippines call this fish as the red cross tetra?

Kyle - 2010-08-07
I have ten of these guys in my 29 gallon cichlid growout.. it USED to be a wonderfully planted aquarium when I had 3 but as soon as I upgraded the group they tore every single plant to shreds including anubias and java moss! They are very aggressive eaters so do not keep with finicky feeding community fish. All around though they are very entertaining and energetic tetras with lots of personality! I highly suggest you try a group out!

Chris - 2010-06-18
I have a pair that are laying eggs but the female catches them in her mouth and as far as I know is storing them or eating them? Any suggestions since they both need to be together to fertilize how to stop this?

Tlaloc - 2010-05-23
I have 8 of them in a 55 gallon, and they're great fish. They never stop swimming around, and for a while sorta adopted my lonely tiger barb( until I added 3 more barbs). they're very durable, and have never given me a bit of trouble. Be warned though, they will eat plants down to the roots like they did my amazon swords.

Tom Pietruszka - 2009-11-01

The Buenos Aires Tetras are great fish; they are excellent in my 300 gallon community aquarium, even leaving the tiny Glowlight tetras alone. Having more than 6 of them helps minimize any aggression toward other fish. A while back, I purchased a few more smaller Buenos Aires Tetras, and had them for a time in a 10 gallon quarantine tank. Very recently, I purchased a few more Glowlight tetras and Bloodfin tetras and put them in the quarantine tank that the Buenos Aires Tetras had been in. To my surprise, I noticed babies swimming around in the quarantine tank, so I removed the Glowlights and Bloodfins and placed them temporarily in a tank with some catfish. Apparently, the Buenos Aires Tetras that I had in quarantine had laid eggs! And our well water is fairly hard! These are really easy fish to breed apparently!

christian (phillipines) - 2009-04-12
I really like this tetra, it's so aborable! I buy it because I thought it won't hurt my plant.

carol - 2008-04-08
I have three Buenos Aires tetras, and I just absolutely adore them! They all have such wonderful personalities. One is extremely shy and skitish, one is kind of the leader of the group, and the last just kinda follows the 'leader' around. They are so much fun to watch!!

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  • Tim - 2010-03-30
    Just purchased 2 Buenos Aires Tetras, and 2 Black Skirt Tetras to go with my 3 Blood-fin Tetras in my live Aquarium, Amazingly they all readily became a school.. have watched them for three days now and the Tetras are inseparable. Great fish to start with and so colorful. Feeding time is especially fun when you can watch these beautiful fish flash across the tank .. if you blink you can miss them!
Deedee - 2005-03-03
Got 5 of these guys in a smallish tank just for them, with a mopane bog wood root with a huge java fern stuck to it with a couple other plants up and a sump down full of more plants. The tank has a MILWAUKEE SMS122 pH/CO2 Controller so plants are always lush and the cylinders last forever because of the controllers... but back to these lovely fish... I looked in the tank one day last week and there, sitting pretty as can be is a 6th! A new baby the size of a small neon! I had no idea it had even been there obviously the dense java fern servered it well. Baby and 5 parents all doing great together.

crystal - 2004-08-23
My Bruno Aries Tetra has such a personality! He is ina community tank with black neons and neon tetras, and schools well with them, and not agressive towards them at all. When I come up to the tank, he always swims over to whatever side I am on as if to say hi.