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The Spotted Raphael Catfish makes a croaking or clicking noise when you take it out of the aquarium!
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Anonymous - 2021-09-19
i have had a spotted raphael cat fish since i started my tank in 1994. i know he is at least 27 years old. i also had a striped raphael that lived about 18 years.

Trinity - 2010-02-28
I live in Oregon and my aunt has a male and female chocolate catfish in her tank. Among other fish, and have never had a problem with losing other fish due to the catfish. They swim like they are a pair. The female chocolate catfish is pg, she is ready to have baby's soon. If she does this will be a first. I have not found any one that has been sucessful on the internet or local fish stores, I will keep you updated if we are proud parents. If anyone else has some input, please let me know. thank you.

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  • L - 2020-11-19
    Did the spotted Raphael catfish ever have babies?
john t franklin - 2020-09-12
I got a Talking Catfish named "Scooby"...because he loves these algae disc we call "Scooby Snacks" from the cartoon show....Me and my wife meet and got married we founded out we both love fish so Scooby was the first fish we brought and after 25 years and thru two major hurricanes where we lost power for weeks Scooby is STILL alive a well...

Mike - 2018-11-04
Saved my buddy's after house fire!32 years ago.he is still doing great 👍

Anonymous - 2018-09-29
Just out of interest. My spotted catfish (Spotty ) has just turned 37yrs of age and in all that time I think I have only seen him around a dozen times actually swimming around. I did have two humbug catfish the same age but sadly my 12yr old plec ( Charly )worried them to death.

Nikki - 2016-07-21
I have one of these spotted raphael catfish. I never knew what he was until this evening after searching online. I've had him for ten or more years. We've always called him the screamer because he would screw when taken out of the water. Anyway, this guy, or girl?, has literally lived it's entire life inside a ceramic hide. It would grow too fat to get out, we'd break it out eventually and it would go into another one. It's never swam around. The other dy we broke him out again and made sure there wasn't anything else for him to get stuck in. I'm interested to see if he starts to swim around finally. He is currently snug between some rocks. He can definitely get out though if he wants.

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  • Jessica - 2017-11-05
    They don't move around much during the day. I've had a striped Raphael for quite a long time and got the spotted one a year ago. They hide all day until night. I thought for sure my spotted one was stuck in a piece of Driftwood. I tried like hell to get him out but couldn't. Two nights later after I feed the tank and turned lights off here he comes wiggling out of the wood. I used to have ceramic hides but a friend of mines striped cut his soft belly on a one and got an infection and died so now I only use Driftwood and rocks (smooth).
Elaine - 2016-12-31
I have a Raphael and he is indeed my favorite fish. Believe it or not, I have had him for more than 30 years!! I bought him as a tiny baby about 1980. He has outlived all other tankmates and even a disasterous event that killed every other fish in the tank for an unknown reason. He is quite large and loves to hide in a cave all the time. Does anyone know how long these fish live?

Dan Mickelson - 2006-12-26
I've had a spotted raphael for 18 years, a high school friend had him for
at least two years prior to giving him to me. I gave my community tank to my brother when I went away to college. All his fish died except for the raphael. He then gave him to a neighbor who had a large cichlid tank. The neighbors fish all died except for the raphael. By this time I had moved back to the area and took the fish back. He's been doing great ever since. There have been a few times when I was moving him that I thought he was dead, since he did not swim or move at all, and he just layed upside down at the bottom of the bucket. Seems like he was in some kind of suspended animation. This is my favorite fish, even though he doesn't move much during the day. He's had hundreds of tank mates over the last two decades and he's outlasted them all.

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  • Dan Mickelson - 2015-04-08
    Update, 9 years later and my spotted Raphael is still going strong. He is at least 27 years old now. He still perks up whenever I drop food in the tank and he seems as healthy as ever. It's amazing that an aquarium fish can live this long.
  • Jessica Cammarata - 2016-11-10
    Wow, I love this! I especially love the update! I just got my first spotted Raphael which I have wanted for so long now! I can only hope I have him as long as you have yours!
Seth Peterson - 2016-07-13
Hi community! My Spotted Raphael was purchased in Chico CA when I was a whole three years old. She's still doing strong to this day, which surprised be at first, considering I'm currently 22 and I've moved states twice.

Knowing nothing about keeping a fish, I kept her in a 20 gallon tank her whole life with a log in the back, with enough room to enter/exit from either side. She's roughly four and a half inches long and very fat.

She's extremely social, has never attacked my water snails or clams (large invasive canal snails/clams), and always, without fail, eats anything I drop next to her log- even during the day. She's currently 20 years old and stil going strong.

I really think it's due time the article be updated to show they live at least an average of 15/20 years, considering the other comments I've read. Anyway they're amazing fish, and having read the comments and article, I'll be upgrading to a 45 gallon tank and attempt to find another Spotted Raphael for her to be friends with.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2016-07-26
    Thank you for your story, and the great info. We have updated the article to include the longer lifespan that is possible in captivity.
Janine Gilbert - 2016-02-19
I am so excited to read this!! My rafael cat is literally nicknamed 'zombiefish'. I acquired him from my ex boyfriend that moved out in 2001. He had it for at least a couple of years before we met, So I can say absolutely that he/she is at least 18 years old. I have to tell you why I call it Zonbiefish. Shortly after my boyfriend left I had purchased a couple of new fish for the tank. It turned out they were tainted and started spreading some kind of sickness thru the tank. I removed them at once and changed as much water as i could, but he was swimming upside down at the top of the tank. Things were not looking good. I was so upset. I went to check on him again and (I swear that I am not lying here) one of his eyes was popped out of his head. I was so upset, but wanted to be sure he was dead before i took any drastic action. The next morning i looked in the tank to check on him and (again i swear i am not lying here) he was absolutely fine. 2 eyes 2 fins...all in the right place swimming around like nothing happened. I have to give him brains now instead of fishfood but... (ok so i may have made that part up) But no, seriously, many years later (like 14 to be close to exact) he is doing fine. He loves flake food. I throw it in for my Congo Tetra and he goes nuts all around the bottom of the tank. And that my friends, is the story of Zombiefish. So cool to know that other people have a fish that is so old too. Also he's not that big. I would be generous in saying he is 4inches. Thanks for letting me share!!!