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The Plecostomus is a very hardy fish that loves to eat algae, especially when young!
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glenn witherell - 2017-05-09
Large albino pleco needs a bigger tank then we can accommodate. suggestions? beautiful very healthy fish.

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  • Anonymous - 2018-09-26
    vary butful fish
Angela M Drummond-Mathews - 2018-09-02
Hi. I have a Pleco named Destructo. He is at least 24 years old. He is about 14 inches long. He doesn't like other fish, and he is in the tank alone with a couple of rocks. He does like to play with the filter tube. Sometimes he takes it off and carries it around the tank. He's in a 55 gallon tank, but I am sure he would do better in a bigger one. I'm going to get him a moss ball. Maybe he would like to play with it. I want to make a beautiful tank, but he won't let me. Any ideas?

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  • Amanda - 2018-09-24
    Try adding driftwood and some sort of cave like structures to hide in or some shaded spots away from the bright lights. Driftwood is supposed to aid in most breeds of pleco's digestion. I find my pleco on his driftwood more than any other thing in my tank (everything from real plants, fish store decor items, rocks and shells).
Tracey - 2018-04-22
Hello. How is everyone reading this? In a nutshell, we have a Pleco, who's been with us about 6-7 years. Also in the tank, are 2 Zebras. It was a happy family until I decided it would be a great idea to add 4 more fish to the party. So we bought 2 Angel fish and 2 Tetras. Turns out, my significant other was right (as usual). It was a very bad idea. Undenounced to me, the Pleco is very territorial and was perfectly happy without the added fish. Within 2 days, both Angels were dead. After some research, we found out that in distress and anger, if you will, the Pleco sucked the slime off the Angels in an attempt to kill them, which it did. It did the same to the other 2 Tetras. But unfortunately, and very much so, the new fish were diseased with either Ick and or Flukes (a type of worm). The Pleco is still alive but barely. I've taken pictures, close up, and we think its more than Ick, meaning it seems to have that as well as something else. Hundreds and hundreds of white spots, small and large, all over as well as what look like tiny worms, clear in color. There are lesions also and we see red. Maybe its blood, we don't know. The Plecos eyes are covered with this infection too, in, around and on its eyes, eyelids. We bough LifeGuard, 4 tablets per day and it doesn't seem to be working. We've also read to submerge the fish in salt water for about 40 seconds, then return it to its tank. Sea salt is preferred but table salt will suffice. At this point, we will try that later today, then give the fish a few more days. We have 1 more day of the LifeGuard tablets anyway. If that doesn't work, I'll dig a small grave in our backyard with a tiny grave marker. My significant other gave me a grin when I said I wanted to do that. I know its just a fish, and its actually his not mine, however, I have grown to become a bit attached to it and wanted to try and save it. Any ideas, suggestions, advice that may help would be appreciated. Course, I'd have to receive it fairly soon. :) :) Have a nice day and thank you in advance, Tracey

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  • DEBBIE - 2018-05-03
    hi i just got done saving my pleco that he is 14 years old . my husband brought goldfish at walmart they were sick and i didn't see it until it was to late . i remove all carbon filter and treated the tank with api fungus cure for 4 days and then melafix for one week and i did a lot of water changes. i also used aquarium salt half a cup . i have a 30 gal tank . i also did a total water change because i put ram shells in my tank last year and they took over. i think that didn't help my tank or fish i notice that George was not eating. when i clean the tank i place the fish in a 10 gallon tank for 6 hours with one teaspoon of table salt for each gallon of water. that was about half a cup and then i could small the salt and because pleco don't have scales i take half of the water out and replace it with fresh water they did great. the goldfish had black spots in him and they are gone . they are both doing great . i broght all my stuff from pet smart pet store in Kenosha. good luck i hope u fish is doing all right. i also would get a book call AQUARIUMS FOR DUMMIES . the best 20.00 dollars i spent.
Dawn Clegg - 2017-03-26
My plecostomus is 20 yrs and 4 months old!!! I got him in 1996 when he was one inch long. He grew up in an 18 gallon tank and became 8 inches long. I have always fed him tetramin tropical tablets; 1/2 a day divided. He also gets a leaf of garden spinach twice a week which he LOVES.

Elizabeth Hardwick - 2015-03-16
I had a darling bristle-nosed pleco that reminded me of a little dragon. I had him for just over a year. I bought him and was maybe 1 1/2 inch to 2 inches. He grew quickly and was currently about 4-5 inches. He had been fine; was quite an easy keeper. I had a fair algae problem and worked on that regularly, but he really helped to keep the tank clean. I also fed him algae wafers and he seemed to thrive and grow. The other fish in the tank were one diamond tetra which I had had for about 3 years and an albino Cory. She grew quickly as well. That's it. A week ago, I came home to find the pleco in grave distress. Almost shivering or panting and fins moving. He got to where he could not hold to the tank side and slide down. I quickly did a 20% water change. The bubbler was working fine; there was what looked to be plenty of circulation in the tank. Every so often he would let out a big bubble. He began to flip around the tank so hard I heard him hit the cover. He expired quickly after that. When I removed him from the tank, I noticed his belly area underneath was somewhat swollen. If you have anything you can share with me or insight on what could have happened, I would appreciate it.

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  • Alizia Rosén - 2016-05-23
    I say you might have overfeed him, or that he was just bloating
Cindy - 2015-06-05
I have a very large Pleco that needs a larger home than I can provide. He (or she) is almost a foot long and is in a 20 gal long tank right now. There is nothing else in the tank because he/she tears it up too bad! If you live in Northern Virginia near DC and would like to have this fish, please let me know! Free to a good home (bring your own bucket to take him/her home, please).

Amy - 2014-09-25
I think I may have a problem. I've just introduced a 9' plecco (Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps) to my 50 gallon, well established aquarium that is also home to three 4' goldfish. It's been day four, and he sleeps all day in his favorite cave, and for the first two nights, I could watch him darting around as soon as the lights went off. These last few nights, he's been a little sluggish getting out of his cave, so I've been placing his algae wafers in the top hole of his cave to make sure he was getting enough to eat. The resulting mess confirmed he was indeed eating, but tonight, as I turned out the light, he was again shy to get out, and when he finally did, I noticed he seemed thinner and less active than before. I've tested the water chemistry, the temperature is a steady 72°, and the tank is free from filth. I was told by the shop where I bought him from that he was an owner trade in, as he got too big for their 20 gallon tank. He was a very healthy specimen! Could anyone shed some light on this behavior and weight loss issue for me? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-09-26
    Hard to say what's going on, he may still be adjusting. It wouldn't hurt to do a water change, especially since you're sure he's been eating, because all that food may be putting quite a load on the tank. I also suggest you test your ammonia, it can jump when the nutrient load is increased because the biofilter takes time to adjust to a higher load.
  • pleco master - 2015-03-16
    Get your tank as close as natural, thats lake with lots of mud. With rainfall directly and sun etc.
sonia - 2012-03-18
About the breeding. This happened completely by accident. I have a albino bristlenose longfined pleco and an albino pleco and they just had babies. There are about 18 of them and they are about the size of half a pea. They are pinkish orange and I can already see the fins. I find this to be quite the experience since they are in a 35 gallon tank with a variety of chilids.

Diane Smith - 2014-11-06
SURPRISE, SURPRISE ! I got up this morning to find baby Pleco's in my 55 gal. tank. I did not know they would reproduce in captivity, as all I've read says they don't ! So far I have counted at least 10 babies. I'm so excited; I sure hope they survive. I have guppies, swords,catfish, and 3 Pleco's in the tank. My Pleco's are quite young/small, only about 2 1/2 inches long. Just had to share my experience.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-11-07
    That is really exciting news! Congratulations Diane, that is way too cool!
blake - 2014-10-20
My pleco, despite being in a tank, has been recently burrowing around in the sand.(wriggling side to side) sooo is he/she showing breeding behavior or what is this? lol its making my tank a mess lol

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-10-20
    Well, it is normal for most plecos to dig in sand and under objects. Because yours has never done it before, it could be related to breeding behavior, as these fish excavated deep burrows in riverbanks for their nest. But it's nothing to worry about, except the mess:)