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winky-blinky-jinky - 2013-01-25
I bought three of these fish called 'mixed fruit tetra' from Wal-Mart before I knew they were dyed artificially. (Had I known this I would not have purchased them.) I have them in a 10 gallon tank and they are an absolute joy. Only fish in the tank with a few plants, decorations, heater, gravel, and filter. They are extremely clean fish, and they eat very little food. 10 gallons is PLENTY of room for these guys. Warning! These fish will jump straight out of the tank if they can, just like the article said; keep your tank covered! These fish DO NOT like LED lights or tank bubblers so don't waste your money. They seem to prefer simple cave decorations and plants, nothing too fancy for these guys. VERY easy to take care of and the tank requires very little maintenance once established. The fish are very playful with each other and are fun to watch.

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  • ams250 - 2017-12-23
    I have led lights and it seems to kill the fish so im going to buy more but not turn led lihgts on thanks for the help. :)
Anonymous - 2017-12-15
i have 4 pet tetras i probably have 3 strawberry tetras and 1 blueberry tetra and way...i think my 1 strawberry tetra is sick or has a disease or something cause it just keeps going round round and round anyways i also have a blue lobster its called the blue crayfish just for some reason it keeps hiding except when we give its food i feed my tetras tropical fish flakes.

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Thai - 2017-12-14
I am looking for blood parrot If you have it or looking for rehome for them Please contact me

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Anonymous - 2014-11-07
my knife had white spots and I thought it was molting but it was really a disease. it died a couple days ago...

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  • Pet clerk - 2015-05-31
    Sounds like the common disease known in it's short form as 'ick'. You can get medication at any pet store. All medication is different, so you'd want to read it very carefully. There are ick guards you can use, too. But you don't want to use those unless you have to. Keep the water clean and the fish fed, as well as unstressed. Big enough tank for what you have. It'll cut the risk down
  • Donald Lehrman - 2017-12-12
    If you have a tank full of fish and even if only one fish gets spots that look like grains of salt you probably have ick. To cure ick turn up the heat to at least 86% the ick will fall off the fish ,but they are alive now to kill the ick dose tank heavly with salt tha will kill the ick await a few days and vacum the bottom and do a water change.
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Kelsey - 2017-12-07
I actually was wondering if it was omay if i could feed my iridescent shark while i use E.M. ERYTHROMYCIN powder packets since he does has a white fungus on his eye.

Brittney Sanders - 2016-06-24
I wanna buy 2 iridescent sharks plz contact me

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  • Paul - 2016-10-06
    I've got three,for sale two white albeno about 11 Inc and a black & blue one about 12 inch long
  • ammara parvez - 2016-12-07
    Hey,I have two iridescent sharks which i want to sell as they need a bigger tank. one is 12" and the other roughly 10-11"
  • isela - 2017-12-06
    i want it info please
  • isela - 2017-12-06
    i want it info please
  • Teresa - 2017-11-17
    I have one for free it’s about afoot long
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Amit Das - 2017-12-06
Dear friend you can get any fish salt or fresh water at me

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julie - 2017-09-30
yes hello, i went to the local petsmart and bought a hatchet fish for my sons 3rd birthday party. He loved the fish so much he named it Barkley the sock. Sadly Barkley died 4 days later. Best pet experience of my life

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  • James - 2017-12-06
    Seems like you didn't do your research before buying the fish.
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Mike Fulcher - 2017-12-01
I am looking to buy a red tail blue botia loach. I have shop around and can't find any for sale. Wanting one around 2' to 2 1/2'. Also do not want to spend an arm and leg for one. It needs to be reasonable. Hoping to find one. Thank you.

Mike Fulcher - 2017-12-01
I am looking to buy a redtail blue botia . I have shopped around and can not find any for sale. looking for one around 2' to 2 1'2'. I also do not want to pay an arm and leg for one. It needs to be reasonable.


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