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Donna - 2018-02-23
One of my blue acaras died about a month ago. Should I replace him/her or will the other one get along just fine on his own. Tanks mates are a couple of larger scissortail rasboras and three corys?

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Carlos Loso Russell - 2016-01-13
I have a girl Dover about an inch and a half thick maybe 2 inches thick about 10 inches long I'm looking for a male to meet her with if anyone has one that they will like to sell or trade let me know

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  • ethan - 2018-02-21
    i got a male. 20 dollars or 15
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Anonymous - 2018-02-15
I just want to inform that i have 2 that has an known age of 27 and 31 years of age. Regards Roar Skaare (Norway,Oslo) date 16 Feb 2018

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John Thomason - 2018-02-14
I gambled and put a sub-adult convict cichlid in with a new 4 inch (palm-sized) labiatus I bought locally. It was really stupid of me, and cost the convict its life, though it seemed like it was holding its own. I'll no longer try to keep anything with this one, and wouldn't have attempted it if I'd known better, but it was a juvenile RD. Splendid colors! Highly intelligent cichlid. Not good with plants or unsafe for fish tank decorations. They grow fast on pellets (hikari medium)...I don't plan to live feed, too risky. I'm using sand as a substrate (50 pounds in a 55 gallon tank). LED lighting makes his reds pop. I have some terracotta pots for hiding/territory. Keeping the tank around 80 degrees. Sporadic lighting. For filtration I've got a 500 GPH canister and that's it. Bioballs, sponge, poly-floss, lava rock, puragen...Seems to do fine keeping the levels A-OK. I clean it once a month or two months. I feel bad about that convict. I really liked that fish.

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Bindu - 2018-02-14
i need a kissing fish pinkish white of 7 years old

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oldmanriver - 2018-02-10
Having wet feet on subject of discus I paid dearly in learning; firstly a bare bottom is real good for water quality; make sure you have a night light to comfort these delicate animals, put in live plants in mesh baskets add a weight. it is totally for show off to have a total bare tank for show off these timid discus. they will be much ore happy with some kind of hiding spots like plants and some driftwood.

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S - 2012-03-03
I am getting an Albino Cory, and I really want to work hard to mimic its environment. What other plants and animals would it live with in the wild? I want it to feel at home.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-03-04
    Cory's live in the fllod land and tributaries of the Amazon. There are a vast array of fish that they would be comfortable with. If you do groups of Cories thet will normally pair up and a good chance of mating if you create the right environment which is what you sound like you are going for. Make sure there is ample food sources for these very active bottom feeders!
  • Tez - 2018-02-09
    Create some hiding places, I call my albino Wally because often I have to look for him, in my tank I have 4 plants and two small rock caves, Wally can hide for a long while but is also content to just lay still on the bottom, however, when he gets active he hoovers the gravel, darts to the top for a quick breath and dives back down, seems to enjoy swimming against the blow current from my filter and enjoys scraping the glass - very entertaining little guy.
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Inge - 2018-02-09
6 Weißpunkt-Brabantbuntbarsche Tropheus duboisi ca 10-12 cm, schöne klare Farben, gesunde Tiere, zu verkaufen. 8 Euro pro Fisch.

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chase - 2018-02-05
i have a electric blue cichled and he is by himself what fish can i actually put with him so he stops hiding

chase - 2018-02-05
i have a electric blue cichled and he is by himself what fish can i actually put with him so he stops hiding


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