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i want to purchase some chichlids

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  • Matthew Snyder - 2019-04-14
    I have about 300 peacock cichlids fry. I have about 200 medium size peacocks to sale if your still looking let me know. U can call me at 270-834-9271 or send me a email me at
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GRAHAM PEARL - 2019-04-12
Hi have you any venustus green cichlid for sale thank you 3

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Brian - 2017-09-20
In northcentral Mississippi, blue paradise fish survive and breed in outdoor pools/fountains. This fish, like goldfish/koi/carp, should never be released to natural waterways and ponds.

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  • Cheryl Svoboda - 2019-04-07
    Hello Brian, I'm doing research on the potential invasibility and establishment of paradise fish within New Zealand freshwater ways. May I use your comment about areas where these fish are found in Mississippi? Also, did you see them in these locations or were they from reports of others? Finally, do you have any other information about paradise fish that may be useful in determining potential habitats and impacts upon other freshwater life? Thank you, Cheryl
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Bill - 2019-04-07
I am located in central Pennsylvania and have a 265 gallon fresh water aquarium. The primary residents are a large red shoulder severum , assorted cats, and a pair of large tin foil barbs. If you have fish that have outgrown your current tank, please feel free to contact me about rehoming them.

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Anonymous - 2019-04-06
I have 2 yo-yos. One is fine, I don’t see him during the day. The other is distressed and I don’t know why. It is constantly swimming round as if it’s being chased, which it isn’t. Often darting around and hitting the tank lid, like a balloon when it is let go of and darts around. I tried adding in another hiding spot (a plant pot) to try and give it somewhere else to hide in case the other loach is chasing it out of it’s hiding spot (I think it is), but he doesn’t seem to want it. Does anyone know what I can do to calm it down?

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greg - 2010-09-17
i picked up a texas cichlid from portland or and she ended up mating with my green terror cichlid and now i have about 50 to 100 babies and am anxious to see what they are goin to look like cant wait. also they havent tried to kill any of the other fish, but they are picking on my 13in sucker fish.

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  • kay - 2010-12-27
    Are they fresh water fish and would they live in a 10 gallon tank ok and also are you wanting to get rid of any of them?
  • samiran roy,india - 2011-11-05
    What color does those babies have?
  • Alex Burleson - 2011-11-05
    Good luck with those fry!
  • phil - 2013-07-18
    I am very interested in purchasing some from you when they come of age....E-mail me back please and we can discuss about how to send them thank you.
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Cheri Gonzales - 2019-04-01
It looks like the growth of my lion head is covering my fishes eyes and possible mouth. Is there anything I can do about it.

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lawrence - 2011-09-23
i have 5 Texas and 1 month ago i got 2 of Texas become couple and they make egg.

1 weeks laters egg hatched and i got 30 Baby Texas.

However , i want to know how fast this couple can do New Breeding again ?

becasuse i see this couple and they become aggresive now and also same like last time that first breeding.

i am not expert but first time female bottom belly become dark and it doesnot move from one Jug ( i put jug in and first time they make egg inside jug)

i am in Korea and Korea have not many information about Texas Cichild... plz help me.

i want to know

1. how often can breeding again after first breeding.

2. what is simpton when texas ready to breeding (before lay off egg)

3. when new baby hatch then do i keep all with parents or need remove to another tank ?

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  • Alex Burleson - 2011-09-25
    Hello Lawrence,

    Texas Cichlids, (though aggressive) are exciting fish to keep!

    As a general rule, Texas Cichlids can begin to breed 2-8 weeks after their fry have been removed. Some pairs may take a longer amount of time, while others may take a shorter amount of time.

    You will begin to recognize how Texas Cichlids breed. A little "ritual" between the pair will take place. The pair will lock jaws. While the jaw-locking may seem harmful, it is part of the breeding routine. The female will begin to clean off a flat surface such as a flat rock, or on the side of the aquarium! The pair will also begin to work as a team, defending that area from other fish in the aquarium (if there are any).

    When the fry hatch, leave the parents in the aquarium, and do not remove the fry. The parents will take care of the fry, and you will be able to witness the parents taking care of them. However, it is advisable to watch the parents. Inexperienced parents may eat their own fry. The female (and male) will pick the fry up in their mouth and routinely clean the fry from debris. They will spit them out, however. If they begin eating them, them remove the parents or fry from the aquarium. It is best to remove the fry once they reach an age of 2-3 weeks. In a "fry tank" they will be able to grow. The fry tank should be at least 20 gallons.

    I really hope this information helps you. For more information about Texas Cichlids, perhaps visiting will help!
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Sara - 2019-03-16
I’ve had two of these funky little noodles in my 75 gal community for a few months now, and both are doing great. They’re both about the same size and they came from the same store, so I haven’t seen any squabbles between them at all. My biggest recommendation if you own one of these is to try and train it to eat out of your hand. One of mine learned very quickly and now gets very excited whenever my hand goes in the tank. It doesn’t matter if I have food or not; he’ll weave between my fingers in his hunt for bloodworms. Their snouts are pretty soft, so he doesn’t poke hard enough to hurt. It makes water changes a lot more interesting.

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Anonymous - 2019-03-14
How do you feed it because I have a 90 gallon tank and I feed it bloodworms but it won’t eat.


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