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Dylan Miller - 2017-02-15
How can you state that the fish can reach nearly 40 inches and recommend a 55 gallon as the minimum tank size? The tank is usually only 12 inches wide!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2017-03-07
    Yes, these fish can get very large in the wild. However, please see the 'description' section above and you'll see that most tank raise specimens won't grow much larger than 10 to 20 inches (25 to 50 cm). Also, as stated under 'aquarium setup,' a 55 gallon tank is only suitable for them as juveniles. 200 gallons or more is recommended for the adult.
  • Courtland - 2017-12-10
    Even if the fish 'stopped growing' at 10-20 inches, it's never going to live a healthy long life in a 55 gallon aquarium. What happens is that the fish, on the outside, stops growing, but the organs don't. Eventually the organs overcrowd the stunted fish's insides, likely putting pressure on the swim bladder, which leads to continuing complications and ultimately death. I wouldn't suggest this fish for anything smaller than a tank 6' x 3'
  • Cory - 2019-05-25
    There is no way when they reach fill maturity that they can fit in that small of an aquarium. That's why they have taken over here in South Florida because people follow that then when they get 2 big they release them in the lakes and canals. They'll basically get as big as the body of water u put them in. I've personally caught 5 of them over 48"and exceeding 12 lbs...
Cory - 2019-05-25
Some of the above information isn't accurate. They reach well over 36"in the wild. I've caught a few at 48" and above over 12 lbs. I have pics but I don't see where I can upload them though...

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Shelby Cline - 2019-05-21
Would 8 red rainbowfish be ok in a 50 gallon high fish tank? The dimensions are 18” wide 30” high and 20” deep

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Rick Kohrs - 2018-08-20
Looking for red saddle tropheus

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  • Eric - 2019-05-02
    I have some syswee or cherry cheek very similar but they have 2 red spots on the body not 1 if u interested I’m in Melbourne vic and have been breeding a colony of about 40 cherry cheek f u interested call Eric on 0435262272 btw I’m in Melbourne Australia cheers
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Wayne - 2019-04-20
I’m looking for 6-8 young (1.5-3”) EBJDs. I live in SW Idaho. I’ll pay for shipping if anyone has some for sale.

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  • kari malone - 2019-05-01
    Hey Wayne,

    Check out our Instagram page Malone's Monsters. We have the electric blue jack dempseys for sale. The are about 1" - 1.5"

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kieryn m - 2019-04-16
what are bristlenose predators? ive been look on the internet for hours and cant find anything

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  • Anonymous - 2019-04-29
    me too
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Leona - 2006-06-26
I have a 125 gallon tank and before getting a Red Devil I had a large Oscar(12in) large algae eater(14in)3 full grown Jack Dempsey.Got him from Petsmart. When I introduced my Red Devil to the tank(about 7 months ago) he was somewhat small, so I had to make alot of hiding places for him. As he grew, so did he aggressiveness. He killed my 2 Jack Dempsey and the last one is hanging on to his life. I have seperated him so he can heal. He had completely taken his tail off. I am still admazed how he is still alive. I love my Red Devil aka Leader. Now I have just the algae,oscar,pacu and a wounded jack dempsey. Although he has caused alot of commotion I wouldn't trade him for the world. Although I had two loses, I still wouldn't trade him for the world.

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  • Anonymous - 2018-11-06
    My son is just like yours well my red devil but I don't care I love my fish he's very mean but I don't care they really are like kids
  • Samantha - 2019-04-29
    I agree I love my Red Devils . My first one died because of my daughter but this new one is still amazing even though he is a boy and the female is small compared to my last one and they won’t let me pet them like my old one but there just so beautiful . Couldn’t imagine going back to multiple little African chiclids vs my beautiful big red devil . There names are cruise and Penelope lol
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Abu Hudhayfah - 2016-05-19
I have blue Turquois dovii's for sale and local pick up in New Jersey , and they are juveniles and beautiful . Thank you

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  • ethan - 2018-02-21
    I will buy name your price
  • michael Townsend - 2019-04-24
    Hello. My name is Michael. I'm very much interested, No! I want very much to purchase one of Turquois Dovil fish. I live 10 minutes from Philadelphia. How much does one fish coat and where in New Jersey are you? Perhaps I can come pick up the fish. Thank you
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Kobe - 2016-03-25
I have a Dwarf Gourami pair. The male will chase the female a bit but otherwise they are fine together. The male is definently quite the show, he chases everything that passes the tank and attacks me when I clean it. He spits water at me when he builds a bubble nest and has jumped out of the tank on to the floor trying to get me! He is one lively little fella.

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  • Anonymous - 2019-04-24
    I have a angel fish and he poops every where😅
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oooooof - 2019-04-24
I have a comunatiy tank what should i have in it?


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