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   Cabomba is a very common and beautiful aquarium plant that is great for beginner aquariums!
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bill - 2006-10-07
This plant is good for any enviroment and grows fast under a good light. I use pro-glo from Hagen for lighting and can watch it grow. This plant can grow an inch a day. Only have had this plant for about two weeks but all my mollies love this plant and will peck at it and its flowers.

kim boward - 2004-11-28
Beautiful plant, especially when there white flowers appear. I keep mine for food. The fish love to eat them. They become very long also.

Anonymous - 2004-05-04
you need to add information about the freshwater plants and not just have pictures and descriptions of freshwater plants!!!

Please do it because it will get a lot more people to look on your website and it will be a great reference!