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   The gorgeous Palm Tree Polyps is just one example of the eye-catching, easy care corals in the Clavularia genus!
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Jordan - 2008-08-06
I have to disagree with Ben's opinion, this coral is a great piece to have in your reef. It is amazing to watch, the individual polyps open and close simetaneously. Although, I do agree that it is a fast grower, but you can prune it every so often and either sell the frags (which will grow into a whole new coral) or give them away to people just starting a reef or to fellow aquarists. Xenia is a great coral for a beginner or an experienced aquarist.

ben - 2006-03-23
This is a weed in a well maintained reef, esp with metal halide. Not a good coral choice in my opinion. It can be nearly impossible to remove once it over grows the rock...and it will over grow. Stick with zooanthids, anthelia is ALMOST as bad. Xenia is a better choice, but it would be best to avoid all three.