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The Glass Anemone is the small rock anemone most commonly referred to as 'Aiptasia!'
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Rachel Briles Smith - 2011-08-24
The glass anemone is so annoying!! I have been removing them myself, but like they say remove one and two grow back!! I moved some rocks from my 50 gal tank to my 30 gal tank 3 days ago. The rocks that I moved to the 30 gal tank DID NOT have any glass anemone on them. I just checked my water level (my tanks are connected, by water circulating to filter water better) guess what I found,,,, about 10 glass anemones have grown on 1 rock. I have watched several videos on youtube on how to get rid of them. Today my mission is to go to the pharmacy hoping they will sell me a syringe so I can use the same procedure that I seen on youtube. Yes they are pretty to have in your saltwater tanks but they can harm your fish and other anemones. MY ADVICE TO YOU,,,,GET RID OF THEM QUICKLY!! Thank YOU!

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  • Anonymous - 2011-09-20
    Did you see the article above: Getting rid of Glass Anemones?