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Pro Reefs - 2016-10-20
I'd love to give your clam a new house. I have 110g reef tank set up 25 hrs. He'd LOVE IT!

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  • Anonymous - 2021-06-23
    It needs to be set up for at least 6 mos
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Anonymous - 2016-06-26
My candycane coral looks as if it is petrified! Help

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chris - 2011-01-20
An established tank of one year is not necessary, nor is a 100 gal. tank. Mine is only a 50 gal and around 4 months old. Both my BTA and LTA are perfectly comfortable, however do remember that LTA's are carnivores, and may potentially capture and eat other livestock (fish mostly.)

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  • Chris - 2014-11-13
    I agree. I got my anemone six weeks after starting up my new 28 gal nano. It has been four months and everything is very happy in my tank. I have the intermediate LEDs, protein skimmer, and one extra 425 gph current pump. I also run both of my 250 gph 24/7. Also have 25lb live rock, two clowns, pistol shrimp, feeder shrimp, blood shrimp, goby, and six other pieces of coral. My biggest problem is my monthly battle with red slime. Treatment is easy enough. Also a few battles with ick but also treatable. My tank is a lot of work but so worth it!
  • David Brough - 2014-11-16
    The size of the tank a 100 gallons is recommended for keeping a full grown anemone, as they can reach up to 19' in diameter. Smaller tanks can work when they are still small, but more space is needed for them to reach their full potential.
  • Anonymous - 2016-06-16
    Agreed I've had my tank 3 week and my anemone is very happy.
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Samantha Feliciano - 2014-10-15
Hello, I have purchased my violet Magnificent Anemone on October 4th of this year. It has been a little over a week and my one clown fish is maddly in love with it along with two anemone crabs leaving my second clown fish depressed looking. My problem is not the Anemone it is when purchasing the anemone I was forced to buy the peice of rock it was attached to ( I am guessing this is where the Dino came from, considering I did not have this problem ever before). Within 3 days the tank went from crystal clear to being covered in a brown snotty substance (which today I finally figured that it is Dinoflagellates, I was mistaking it for bubbly algae). I did some research and they say that using the 'Blackout Method' (letting the lights out for 72 hours) is best. My concern is, will this kill my anemone from depriving it from light for that long? Are there other ways that I can get rid of this Dinoflagellates? 

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-10-17
    Well, you could certainly try reducing the amount of light for a period of time.  Apparently it does work to eliminate dino with 3 days of no light, but it puts a lot of toxins in the tank and the oxygen levels get very low, so a protein skimmer and possibly air pumps will be needed, as well as large water changes. Really can't say what will happen in advance. Watch the anemone closely to see if it starts to decline. If it does seem to be struggling you would then need to correct again, and make its needs the priority. You may want to move it to another aquarium during the lights out process.
  • Clarice Brough - 2014-10-21
    Personally I'd be very careful with H2O2. I don't know much about it, but from what I've read there are reports of it killing snails and shrimp; also fish, especially any that known to be particularly sensitive. Also if it flows through your filters biomedia, it can kill nitrifying bacteria, which can cause major problems. I would definitely research it heavily before attempting it, and even then I would be very cautious.
  • Samantha - 2014-10-21
    Thank you for your reply. I attempted to reduce the lighting in the tank and it seemed to upset the Anemone. I think that I will be proceeding with the black out method, but I will be moving my Magnificent to another tank first along with the hosting crabs and Clown fish. I already have a protein skimmer but I will attempt to find an air pump. What do you think about also using the H2O2 method along with the blackout method? Then do a very big water change at the end of the blackout to reduce the H2O2, Ammonia, nitrate and phosphate levels?
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Joseph mcilvenna - 2012-02-15
You should add how to protect soft and hard coral but, it is good even without.

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  • Anonymous - 2016-01-19
    i dont aggree
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Dan Morris - 2015-12-30
I live in florida and have a 20 long. i just added 7 condys,pink,white,and beige. Also have 4 big Damsels 2 tomato clowns who love the anenomes a mantis shrimp i have not ever seen but hear him smashing all my snails. my water temp is 82 degrees and i do a 30% water change once a month.i think when it comes to tanks these forums do as much harm as good. the water in florida is always above 80 degrees so dont worry about cool water also i put 3 or 4 times the number of fish recommended.Question everything and learn by experimenting

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vince schulz - 2015-11-26
Do not follow the instructions in this article for propogating rock anemones. If you slice a rock flower anemone in half, all you will end up with are two halves of a dead anemone.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-12-03
    Good info Vince, thanks! We've removed the example propagation info, which of course, indicated that it was a common method used for a Bubble Tip Anemone, and with no idea if it would work for this fellow. But now that you've shared how devastating that method is for rock animones, it certainly is best that no one try it!
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Susie Parshall - 2015-11-10
Can we buy corals from you?

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  • David Brough - 2015-11-11
    Sorry but we are an information site only.
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Justin Dancing Hawk - 2011-09-12
I just got a lovely and HUGE Green Bubble tipped anemone with reddish tips on its tentacles. It's gorgeous and is hosting a small Maroon Clownfish that's absolutely adorable! I've been calling him "Little Red" and come to think of it, that sort of Honors Mr. Red Skelton and that is surely something I am highly pleased to do! He filled my childhood with many hours of delight while my family faithfully watched his show every week without fail! I've been naming my Clownfish after famous clowns. My Tomato Clownfish is named "Emmitt" ( I wasn't sure of the spelling ! LOL! ) after the wonderful Emmitt Kelly. My new Anemone is at least 5 inches. I couldn't tell at first just how big it was because it is in a fake rock that I'm currently trying hard to evict it from so I can return it to the store, since it is a very undesired feature! You can imagine my delight when I discovered I'd just gotten a smoking deal ( $20 bucks !! ) on this huge anemone!! GOD I love Petco!! LOL!

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  • Anonymous - 2012-04-24
    Can a bubble tip anemone(green) fit into a 14G?
  • Thomas Herrick - 2012-10-17
    I wouldn't trust Petco with purchases on live creatures. Since they don't receive DIRECT shipments, the percentage of receiving a creature with certain ailments (I bought a beautiful Coral Beauty Angelfish, only to see the small white dots, that were invariably Marine Ick, on it,) SKYROCKETS. By the time I treated the water, and did hyposalinity treatments, half of my fish were wiped out. As far as anemones go, I haven't had particular issues with any (Condylactis, Green Bubble Tip, Rosebud, and Sebae anemones.) HOWEVER, keep in mind that parasites can often latch on to anemones (even though they provide no nutrition,) until they find themselves being put into your tank. Remain cautious, and try your best to refrain from purchasing live aquaria from CHAIN stores. Other than that, hope your system is doing well.
  • Fishnerd2000 - 2014-03-18
    I have two tomato clowns, a bubble tip, and an African red starfish. The clowns had ick and then the ick disappeared and I got them from Petco. I trust them a lot.
  • Fishnerd2000 - 2014-03-22
    Though I trust my Pedro in r Eau Claire WI I wouldn't trust shipping though. I would just go to the store make it easy.
  • Phil - 2015-10-24
    Getting livestock from Petco is hit or miss. The Clownfish I got from there had "Clownfish Disease" and lost them. The Banggai's were fine. It depends on the particular store and how dedicated the staff is to caring for the livestock. The local Petco near my place doesn't have a knowledgeable fish person and there saltwater tanks look awful! Find a LFS that loves what they do, even though you'll pay a little more, you wind up with healthy specimens. I have a beautiful blue-green bubble-tip that I got from Fishy Bizness here in Tucson for $35 and "Nemo", (go figure), and Hina love! It's too cool to see them sleeping in it when I get up in the morning.
  • Sierah - 2015-10-25
    If only i could have a salt water tank! Wouldnt even know where to start!
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Gina - 2015-05-24
I have a chocolate clown that uses my flexible leather as his anemone!


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