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ellie - 2003-07-21
these are so cute! i wish i could get one but i know i couldn't give them as much attention as the need. i couldnt even handle 2 parakeets! do you know of a pet that requires hardly any attention, but i could still cuddle it and is still cute? e-mail me, if you have an idea about a pet!

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Barbra Fish - 2003-07-20
I have a green cheeked conure named Birdie Mae. She is a rescue bird that I have had for several years. I don't know how long a life these little birds have, but would like to know. If anyone out there could clue me in I would really be grateful. She is a great companion and is very loving. Birdie has a little vocabulary and is pretty easy to understand. She loves to bathe and requires lots of my attention.

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Angeli - 2003-07-20
Cockatiels are very loving birds who make great companions and best-friends. Sometimes they are so sweet that one may feel the want to spoil them. That is how wonderful they are. It is truly hard to understand how God could have created such creatures, who carry great personalities and traits.

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DahJTkfw - 2020-08-20


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