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Eilena - 2003-08-23
I had a blue parakeet named freddy. sadly, he died last week. i will never forget my sweet little freddy, he was a great friend.

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~D - 2003-08-22
Ive got a pleco and unfortunetly I wasnt prepared for it. I have a 10 gallon and I got it when it was a cute 1/2 inch baby. Boy, now its a 2 foot monster in my pond out back. If its out in the shallow end and I have guests over, they are startled by its size.

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Dave - 2003-08-22
Two things:

First, love your site, very informative and well done.

Second, the unidentified "cleaner fish" looks to be a remora, probably Echeneis naucrates. It is more commonly known as the "sharksucker" Remora.

Again, thanks for the great site!

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Mongo Vo - 2003-08-21
Can my lovebird leaves in the same BIG cage with my new Sun conure?
How do I teachmy conure to talk, he is about 11 week old?


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Kim - 2003-08-21
We just bought one...great little fish. He swims to the top of the tank every time he sees me and takes the krill from my fingers! He does puff up occasionally, for no apparent reason. This seems to take a lot of his energy, and he usually rests motionless in this state.

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Gomez - 2003-08-20
I live in Puerto Rico And buy a nanday of fourth months ,hes very lovable a said his name in three weeks i teach him with a cd and my voice ,hes learning fast and loves to sit on my showlder and eat wathever i eat ,i need to know what exercises i can use to extend his intelligence.

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Ron - 2003-08-20
Definitely one of the best looking clowns available. In my area the price for maroons runs high (20+ range), but it is well worth it. He (or she) is entertaining to watch, and a good addition to the tank. Easily takes to a maroon (aka Ritteri) anemone.

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Brizad - 2003-08-20
I currently own 2 of these fish, one being the pinkish/orange color, whose name is Bubbles. The other is actually a dark color with stripes along its side called Smiles. Bubbles is almost 3 inches long and Smiles is a little over 2 inches long. They actually seem to enjoy each others company and are always seen swimming with each other. Its almost like they keep playing tag with each other, or stop and stare at each other. I just love them and are a ton of fun to watch.

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Reid Welch, Miami Fl - 2003-08-20
Seeing this picture reminds me of my first parrot- obtained in 1968 when I was 14 years old. What a great friend, wonderful pet it was! Certainly it was a captured bird, and had spent time on a farm in its native land. It never talked a word, but had a full repetoire of farm animal sounds, from "quack" to rooster crows, dog barking, cow mooing, etc. I had the great imagination (not!) to name the bird Quack. He needed no training, but was tame from day one. Would lay on his back in my hand, ride the handle bars of my bicycle, "read" books with me, obligingly puncturing the right front corner of each page as turned. With Quack I never needed a bookmarker! His attempts at human speech were mumbles more than articulations. The bird had a built-in clock. He ONLY screamed when he knew I was due home from school. Often, as I walked the last block to home that was when the bird set up his raucous scream- to be let out of the cage and be with me.

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Jenn - 2003-08-20
I have to agree. My red flame gourami is extremely aggressive. In the same tank I have plecos a few platy and an opaline gourami. I had read that this is a good community fish but not at all.


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