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Reid Welch, Miami Fl - 2003-08-20
Seeing this picture reminds me of my first parrot- obtained in 1968 when I was 14 years old. What a great friend, wonderful pet it was! Certainly it was a captured bird, and had spent time on a farm in its native land. It never talked a word, but had a full repetoire of farm animal sounds, from "quack" to rooster crows, dog barking, cow mooing, etc. I had the great imagination (not!) to name the bird Quack. He needed no training, but was tame from day one. Would lay on his back in my hand, ride the handle bars of my bicycle, "read" books with me, obligingly puncturing the right front corner of each page as turned. With Quack I never needed a bookmarker! His attempts at human speech were mumbles more than articulations. The bird had a built-in clock. He ONLY screamed when he knew I was due home from school. Often, as I walked the last block to home that was when the bird set up his raucous scream- to be let out of the cage and be with me.

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Jenn - 2003-08-20
I have to agree. My red flame gourami is extremely aggressive. In the same tank I have plecos a few platy and an opaline gourami. I had read that this is a good community fish but not at all.

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Patrick D. - 2003-08-20
Your tank is way too small!

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tim - 2003-08-20
I have kept a few banded cat sharks within the last year. They don't seem to grow as fast a I thought they would. Even though mine didn't grow that fast I still had to get rid of them because they were to big for my 65gal tank. I work at a pet store in new jersey and I took the baby banded cats home and raised them for customers who would be able to take proper care of these cool creatures.

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Peregrine - 2003-08-19
This beautiful fish is hardy and very peaceful.
I have kept even a small school of only two before and they
lived for quite a long time. Always out to show
off their pretty "lemon" color rather than hiding
as some other aqaurium fishes. Overall lovely fish
that is happy to live with other tank mates such
as platies, guppies and most other peaceful aquarium
fish.Lemon tetras will school tightly and they will appreciate a black background and
dark gravel. And as always, peaceful tankmates.
Best to be kept in schools of around 6 or more.

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Peregrine - 2003-08-19
The Blue or also three-spot gourami is a brilliant fish.
I currently kept a small male in a ten gallon with
two corydoras catfish, one butterfly pleco and one
common pleco who will be moved to a fifty five gallon
pretty soon. My gourami gets along pretty well with
the other fish but sometimes he does get a little nippy,
reminding the corydoras that he is the ruler. :) ha! ha!
A very beautiful, hardy, interesting fish that fish
keepers should try out after they have got the hang of
the hobby.

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Peregrine - 2003-08-19
I own eleven betta fish. They are truely my favorite
fish. Bettas are very responsive to people.
and sometimes can be tamed. Please dont keep them
in one of those side-by-side containers or anything
smaller then half a gallon. Its rather cruel and even
though people suggest it, the betta will suffer and not
live as long.

Marine - 2003-08-19
Hello, Bettas are probably my favorent fish.
I keep mine in large almost two gallon fish bowls which
recieve regular water changes. Bettas are very interesting
fish, each has its own personality. PLEASE never keep
bettas in anything less then half a gallon! Its a cruel
pratice though lots of people do it. Of course the best
home for a betta would truely be in a actual fish tank.
Ideal would be a five to ten gallon. Dont keep any fin
nippers with this species! :)

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Susan - 2003-08-18
These are wonderful fish and you should be able to acquire them at any specialty fish store. Good luck!

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john - 2003-08-18
I have a female gold in a tank w/ a female opaline. I also had another female gold before the opaline. The other gold died overnight (I THOUGHT from stress) and now Im noticing that the gold is charging the opaline. At first the opaline was hiding all the time. Now, she comes out, and flees when the gold charges. I had read that the females would be less aggressive towards each other, if at all. Now, Im concerned for my opaline. I have a 10 gal. tank w/ 3 platys, 2 gobies, one juvenile white lyretail molly, and a catfish. I would not put more than one gourami in a 10 gal. tank at a time.


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