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satyabrata Dey - 2017-07-28
Pearl cocktail buy

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Latisha - 2017-07-28
I have 3 Loaches and when I woke up to feed the rest of the fish I saw 3 or 4 babys swimming around!!! Im so excited I wonder if there are more!! I dont want to move anything to look! I have a 55 gallon with no aggessive fish and the babys are big enough to survive!

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Camid - 2017-07-29
I am very much interested in a Chinese crested that is a female and hairless. Preferable from breeder in CT area. Would like to meet the parents.

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Froilan concepcion - 2017-07-29
How much is the reagent parakeet

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Willem - 2017-02-01
Although 1 gallons is sufficient for one guppy, that doesn't mean it's advisable to keep 3 in a 5 gallon tank. No room to swim at all, they will never be happy in a puddle of water like that. They need at least a tank that is 60 cm in length. So 14 gallons minimum too keep one gup in a decent way, up to 14 gups in 14 gallons. Fish need to swim around. A 5 gallon tank is only fit for breeding or shrimp.

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  • Jane Doe - 2017-07-28
    Disagree. I currently have more than 15 guppies, most are juveniles, in 5 gallon. All of these fish were born in that tank from the first trio I bought years back and the tank runs extremely well well. In fact, I already gave 10 juvies away to a nephew's 2 fish bowls and a duo for my sister's 1.8 gallon tank. I also threw 7 new fry from last night into my backyard pond to be koi food. Having 5 gallon will more than suffice for 3 guppies, the point is not to let them breed or to have a place for the resulting fry to go to prevent overpopulation.
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Lekan - 2017-06-04
I need flemish giant rabbit to buy

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Anonymous - 2017-07-25
Hi guys, we got a gorgeous white telescope fancy fish yesterday. He seems very lazy and doesn't move about much. He seems happy to just sit at the bottom of the tank. He shares with 2 orandas and 5 minnows in a 87L tank. I did 25% replacement of water the same day I got him but he had been in the tank 2-3hrs at that stage. Any advice?

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  • Lisa - 2021-01-11
    I also bought a telescope goldfish yesterday along with a few other goldfish 4 all together 3 of them are swimming all over tank and the telescope is happy swimming at bottom of tank not moving much. I think that is just what they do. Let me know if you see any change in yours.
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therese - 2017-07-26
I have a 18 yr old Patagonian ,thought it was male all these years but recently Ricci started laying eggs .Ricci who now I now is female ,has since having 3 eggs at 18 yrs old ,no longer seems to want to talk .I feel I no longer have Ricci but have new bird that doesn't want to talk .Ricci had large vocabulary ,and loves saying I love you,etc .Maybe I'm worried for nothing? Maybe she'll go back to talking soon? Therese

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heather - 2017-07-08
hello i have a 10 week old squirrel i just got a bigger cage for her i just need some advice i bought her a bunch of toys cause i read they love toys well she hardly plays with them she is more interested in what im doing and when she is out of her cage for play time all she wants to do is climb on me any suggestions??

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  • Shirley stallings - 2017-07-27
    Hi I raised a baby squirrel that was 3weeks old and had him until he was 1yr and 4months old! He was very cling to me every time he got out of his cage we would play on the floor together! We would some time go go exploring around the house by his self and all I would have to do is call his name and he would jump on me! So what I'm telling you is that a squirrel for you they are just like that!! They are very loveable and sweet! When I rehomed my cashew it tore out my heart he didn't want to leave me!! Where I live it is legal for to keep him&if I got caught with him he would have been put to sleep! So a man came and got him to rehome him now cashew lives in Ohio now with him! So just love your furbaby and let it love you!! God bless you!!
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Rebecca Gardner - 2014-07-26

my betta keeps stalking my coreys , its worse when i feed all the fish in the tank i give the other fish flakes and the coreys wafers, he will also pinch there food [ last picture] i had one of my coreys for a few years along with the danios , tetras etc .. i bought my betta along with the other two catfish around 6 months ago, i dont think he actually attacks them but he will stalk them no matter where they are in the tank , is this something to be worried about and would he attack them at a later point , should i seperate them any advise would be great , there is some photos i have attatched to show his behaviour thank you 

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  • Rebecca Gardner - 2014-07-26
    thank you david for your reply , i have had bettas in the past before this one he was lovely royal blue colour, he wasnt at all a bother this one though his oddly strange, he spends his whole time just stalking my catfish , well all i can hope is this is him just being curious, i have got an hospital tank anyway at present it houses my black skirt tetra, was not sure if the tetra would start nipping at the bettas tail or vice versa so thought best to remove him to seperate tank, anyway thankyou once again x

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