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Linda - 2016-02-04
Nikki, my Hahns about 18 yrs old, beak grows so long so fast I have to have it trimmed about once a month. This has been going on for the last, maybe 3 yrs. It started slowly but has really taken off. Am I doing something wrong or not doing something. I have a perch that's suppose to help but doesn't seem to help. Could it be an age thing?

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  • dani - 2016-04-12
    My Hahn's is the same (he is the one in the pic, Lu). He's not a big wood chewer, that's supposed to keep the beak trim. I do have to take him in to have it done by the vet, he's going to be 13 this July.
  • Ara Amore - 2017-09-29
    If the beak grows that fast, you may have a serious problem. I suggest you take the bird to an AVIAN vet and have the vet do a liver panel blood test on the bird. Hope all is OK but I would be very concerned about that kind of beak growth.
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darek l - 2006-02-05
i have been raising jack's for 10 years now. they seem to look their best with a black substrate as they adapt their color to the surroundings. i have a pair in a 55 gallon tank that spawns every 2-3 months for the past 4 years. i got jack dampdeys everywhere. my local shop took them in happily at first but 500-800 every 3 months got them sick really fast. the male is an out of the ordinary 10 inch with a 6 inch female. i feed them flakes, pellets, and shrimp. hes got quite a temper but as long as i got a few places that the mate will not fit into that will house the female all is good. i have green terrors, tiger oscars and pacus in my 7 tanks but the "JACK" and "JILL" are the most beautiful fish i own. be careful as they are aggresive and will eat anything that will fit in their month at least half way....

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  • alicia - 2014-02-27
    Question please, I have a jack demsey and an orange one, I think it's a something bloodflower anyways they keep locking lips. Is this a mating or fighting thing? They haven't lost color.
  • Alayna - 2014-07-31
    I have a question, I have 2 jack Dempseys, one male and one female. They have spawned 3 times since I have owned them (5 years) they just had babies 2 weeks ago and I noticed the male is being very aggressive to the female, so much she has an open wound. I went to the pet store to get her medicine but what do I do? He has never done this to her.. I don't want anything to happen as I love them both. They're both very beautiful and I really need advise/help. Thanks
Alayna - 2014-07-31
I have a question, I have 2 jack Dempseys, one male and one female. They have spawned 3 times since I have owned them (5 years) they just had babies 2 weeks ago and I noticed the male is being very aggressive to the female, so much she has an open wound. I went to the pet store to get her medicine but what do I do? He has never done this to her.. I don't want anything to happen as I love them both. They're both very beautiful and I really need advise/help. Thanks

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  • Desirae - 2014-09-05
    You need to take the babies out and put them in separate tank. He is doing it to try to get to the babies he wants to eat them.
Jayson Ratigan - 2012-05-20
So amazing as it seems they say you shouldn't put jack dempseys in anything smaller than a 55 gallon am I correct? Well I started my pair in a 10 GALLON....... I currently have them in a 20 gallon and I am now being forced to upgrade due to my surprise of walking in to feed them and seeing at least 200 fry swimming all over the place in the tank..... I am just hoping they don't decide to go near my filter and get sucked in :D anyone want some fish?

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  • Shd - 2012-06-11
    Yeah you use tap water, then the stuff that neutralizes the cornile in the water, just be sure to follow the directions on the bottle. You need to have a filter too. The basic rule for fish is 1 inch of fish per gallon of water, so try not to overfill it. I have a bit over that, I have 10 fish in a 10 gallon tank but one is a algae eater, so he stays out of the way of the others, just stays along the wall. You will need a light and possibly a heater depending on the type of fish you have, they will let you know at the pet store.
  • Frank - 2016-01-21
    Where are you located....??
harmony - 2016-08-06
can you put a jack dempsey with two silver dollars and some guppies and silver scats or angelfish.

Jon Hurley - 2009-03-29
I just got a JD today and he is already my favorite fish. I have an oscar that tries to boss him around (might I add that he is 3x his size), but the JD is boss. Whenever I walk into the room he shoots back into his little cave. I also HAD guppies for the oscar to eat, but guess who ate them! If anyone knows tricks on how I can get him to like me, pls add in your next comment! Hope you definitely get one!

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  • TT - 2010-04-07
    In spite of being aggressive, JD's are quite shy. Give your fish some time to acclimate to his/her new home. If that does not work, and if you are willing to perform a weekly water change, (1/4 of the tank should suffice, given that you have a larger aquarium-55 gal.+) introduce some "dither" fish (fish that are non-agressive, but are large enough to take care of themselves- I have had luck with larger silver dollars and plecos, the former tend to swim around more actively). This should signal to your JD that it is safe to show himself. Hope this helps, and good luck.
  • roy doplans - 2010-04-09
    Try taking every thing out of the tank for it to hide in.
  • Ray - 2011-01-13
    JD's are very intelligent as fish go and will not only learn to know that people equal food, but sometimes will recognize their owner specifically. They ALL have their own personality traits.

    Fish have a sensitive nose, and will associate your presence with the odor of food. Pretty soon he will beg at the glass when you walk into the room. I have a mated pair who both will take cichlid sticks or mealworms from my fingers at the surface. Give him time and he will amaze you more every day.

    BTW he may hide a lot at first. If it continues, you might try adding some Giant Danios (5 or 6) in with him. Seeing other fish out in the open and unharmed makes a Dempsey feel more comfortable. He may catch one now and again when he gets larger, but they're fast enough that he'll have a difficult time of it. Dempseys and Danios both like to jump though so cover your tank completely. Good choice and good luck.
shaquan trimmier - 2009-02-22
I've just bought a jd, 3 angels, and 3 convicts. The angels and convicts are best friends but the jd is the most aggressive. He killed 1 of my convicts and all my angels. Every fish I get, he kills it... my red devil; green terror; texas cichlid and my oscar, can anyone help me.

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  • grady - 2010-02-20
    Put a small mirror at one end of the tank, to keep him busy fighting himself.
  • wolfman jenkins - 2017-09-28
    I will soon be breeding a pair of cichlids their bibies will be called the (RED PHOENIX KING CICHLID). They won't start a fight with a jack Dempsey cichlid but don't underestimate them they will destroy a jack Dempsey cichlid plus they grow up to 32inces.😁
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Jack - 2017-09-04
Pair Of Congo African Grey Parrots. Very talkative loves noisy balls and party rings selling due to not getting along with my dog please feel free to call for any more information and please no time wasters (858)480-4079

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  • Donna Eckhart - 2017-09-27
    Hello..where are you located? Need to see how close you are to me.
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gilbert hoffer - 2015-05-07
hi,i am livind in nz whangarei and like to by rabbit for meat,please tel me where i can buy them thanks gilbert

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  • Doug - 2017-09-27
    Hi I have nice alive rabbit for sale . I'll let u buy for 300 nice big bunny
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p harrison - 2017-04-05
there is a Indian redneck parakeet that has been visiting my bird table in the garden for three weeks now unable to catch does not appear to like human contact flies off when approached feeding him parrot food looks healthy any help would be appreciated

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  • Ashley Phillips - 2017-09-26
    Hello I noticed your post that you have an Indian Ringneck that's been visiting your bird table I'm curious as to where you live and if you say Florida is the bird green?

    Thank you,

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