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Riyatno - 2020-04-26
Hello, iam interest with yorkshire canary, please info to me how to buy it to you? Regards Riyatno

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Laura C. - 2014-09-01
I purchased a Raphael catfish about a week ago. I noticed a small white patch, not fuzzy, on his left side. Currently, the tank is being treated with melafix as I recently lost an angel fish that developed white nodules above his eyes and then developed popeye. I QT'ed the angel before it died. Does anyone know what this white patch could be on the catfish? The ph is 7.0. Temp is 78 degrees. The nitrates have been running high from 80 to 160 ppm. I just treated it again with prime and nite-out, as there was a trace of nitrites, below .25 ppm. I also did a 50 percent water change two days ago, vacuumed the gravel. I also added two plants to control the nitrates two days ago. The tank is 55 gallons and contains: 1 Cory cat 1 bumblebee cat 1raphael cat 1 tetra 1 comet gold fish 2 shumbunkins 1 gold gourami 1 needlenose gar 1 tire track eel 1 red tail shark 3 angels Please help! I don't want to lose another fish!

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  • Laura C. - 2014-09-01
    I forgot to add that I have 1 Pleco too
  • Clarice Brough - 2014-09-04
    It could very well be Columnaris, which is very contagious and fast acting, but responds well to antibiotics. It is a very common disease especially for catfish, but with a quick response it can be treated. Read about it and treatments on the fish disease page here: Columnaris.
  • Ian Thomasson - 2020-04-26
    I think it's also worth being concerned about your tetra. As far as I'm aware, all tetra species are schooling fish and need to be kept in groups of 3 at the minimum, 6 or more to keep them healthy.
  • Rhonda Mckean - 2020-04-11
    You really shouldn't mix cold water goldfish with warm water tropicals. For every inch of goldfish they need to be in 2gal. of water per inch. Need to watch your ammonia doesn't go sky high. I dont know how big your goldfish are but with your mixture you are asking for trouble. You have way too many fish in your tank. You have many fish that can get very large.
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Rushabh Podder - 2019-07-04
I want a female plumheaded parakeet for my male parakeet. It should be of minimum 5 years of age.

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  • Nic Duque - 2020-04-26
    Hi, are you still looking for the plumhead parakeet female? and where are you located? Thank you
  • gary Bernard - 2020-05-06
    I just lost my male
    Are you still looking
Nic Duque - 2020-04-26
Hi, I am looking for a PLUMHEAD parakeet male or a pair. If anyone has one or knows someone who does please contact me at (203) 543-9368 or I’m located in Connecticut. Thank you

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Carol Bajorek - 2020-01-03
I have a green winged McCaw and large cage for sale

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  • Laura - 2020-04-26
    Do you still have your Macaw for sale? If so, how old?, sex? tame?
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Anonymous - 2020-04-24
I have an approx. 15 inch long leopard Plecasamus who has eaten every fish of different breeds, and sizes that I have put into the tank with him. I feed him algae tabs etc. Is this normal?

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jorge - 2015-07-05
Parrots & Eggs For Sale We are offering freshly laid and fertile parrot egg species from weaned Aviary at affordable prices. 100% candle tested fertility for hatching gorgeous & healthy chicks. We are selling to persons interested in breeding and hand rearing up their own birds from egg stage. We assist clients with successfully articles & techniques. Available egg species are as follows: Hyacinth Macaw, Sollomons Island Eclectus, Congo African Grey, Timneh Grey, Umbrella Cockatoo, Palm Cockatoo, Goffin Cockatoo, Gallah Cockatoo, Blue and Gold Macaw, Scarlet Macaw, Greenwing Macaw, Dyh Amazon, Toco Toucan, Cockatiel, and Conures eggs. Affiliated to the above eggs are chicks and few parrots for sale too. Email( ). We incubate eggs during shipment at standard temperatures, will replace eggs in case of any adverse situations during delivery.

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  • talha - 2018-04-22
    send me you farm or store adress if your place in near by u s a
  • Anonymous - 2019-03-31
    Hey I'm interested on a egg of a grey African or a macaw Scarlett gold let me of their availability ok and $
  • Adolfo - 2020-04-21
    This comment is from 2015 Do you still selling eggs?
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Andres Luis - 2020-04-21
Boston terrier puppies for sale near me. We have a litter of 3 Boston Terriers. The puppies are kennel club registered. They have a five generation pedigree certificate. Text for more info +1619-735-7194

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Andy Owens - 2020-04-19
We have two blue fronted amazon parrots Male Roco age 4 and Ava 5, two lovely birds, who are getting very very friendly, we have a nesting box and noticed this morning that he was in first with Ava cursing him as I think she was hoping to be on the bedding first, I was hoping to find some information as I think I need to be ready just in case the eggs appear one day!! I would appreciate any help that anyone is willing to pass on. Many Thanks Andy

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Ryan - 2020-04-19
Hello ive just got a female timenh 4 years old only had her 4 days ahe fot big cage loads of toys her x owner said she talked and was very clever bird but since she been hear at her new home she not said anythink or whistled nither is that sumert to worry about or will she come out of her shell when she settled in we keep talking to her to make her feel settled ahe gives kisses and she lets u tickle her head any info would be great kind regards ryan


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