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"I bought my zebra moray for $100 from the lfs. He was nearly 2' long then and had been in a 75g setup fowlr-- my lfs owner assured me he would be fine in my 55g reef setup--(i know b.s.) well by a miracle "Levi" is still with me after 2years- he scares the poop outta me about 1x every six months by refusing to eat for up to 2.5 weeks. He has decided he only likes tetra's jumbo krill, and refused to eat until i bought it- not even fresh frozen shrimp or scallops would entice him. As he ages i notice some lightning in his brown color and more wrinkles :). Its sad that the old owner got "tired of him" (yes, i went and hunted that guy down for info) he was at least 2yrs old then. He is a GREAT add to my reef tank (by the grace of God lol) and has only been suspected in one "disappearance" of my sally light foot crab (only her legs were left poor girl). He and my coral banded shrimp even seem to tolerate one another well, but the shrimp pushes him around believe it or not, and appears to pick things off him (perhaps parasites?). I have not had ANY ich or illnesses of any kind for more than a year (thank God).. so all seems to be well even though its only a 55g. I probably have 200# of live rock and a deep sand bed at minimum 4" that i DO NOT DISTURB. I use a baby bottle brush to remove detrus. I have a REMORA PRO protien skimmer, a phosphate reactor, and an ODYSSEA CFS 4 canister filter. To keep my monster in the tank i use the plastic grid from office lights (comes in sheets). My tank is now 4yrs old going on 5yrs. I have a yellow tang, a royal gramma basslet, a mandarin goby, tomato clown, yellow tail blue damsel, 2 pajama cardinals, a six line wrasse, and a lawn mower blenny, I am not a master aquarist, or even an intermediate one, I get lucky!!! and believe there is no real substitute for an aged aquarium you have to be vigilant until the ecosystem is set :(-- dont give up !! it really will get lots better, and its SO WORTH IT-- :)"

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