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"God bless you for your time and loving comments for animals. I have recently been "blessed" with a yellow Amazon that I believe is the proper name. It is green with yellow on the head, beautiful maroon colors on the wings, along with some blue in the same area. This bird's Mother passed away and the daughter could not keep her. The vet I know across the street from my house suggested me (thanks) and I have adopted "it". It is supposedly a female, but I am not sure because of the behavior. "Daisy" named for her yellow head, totally freaks out if you try to use gloves or a towel to get her/him out of the cage, but when it came to me, the nails were overgrown, the beak too long and split, and it appears to be so heavy that it can hardly walk across the top of my two Cockatoos cage in which it shares living quarters. (My dining room is an aviary now, with a parakeet, Mommy Cockatoo and Son Baby (I believe male because it acts like its Dad who perished from an aneurism or heart attack @ age 6). My Cockatoos are fine and try to interact w/the Amazon, who is placed next to Ellie (Mom) whom I have taken to nursing homes, Pre-K and the beach, but now she plays w/her Son. She talks to Daisy, but Daisy is lethargic, will not come out of the cage even though I keep it open all day. I am concerned about the beak. I had to take a towel to get it out of the cage, cut its nails, filed the split off of the beak and gave it a shower. During a storm, it was on the top of the cage and when I tried to catch it, came down to the floor. That was the one moment I was able to get it on my shoulder (it was tired from trying to get away on the floor), and I talked to it, sang to it, had "alone" time w/it during a bad storm. I have a German Shepard/Dobie I adopted who plays w/my Cockatoos and is interested in this new bird. Daisy was raised w/a Chihahua~big difference. My questions are: Should I file down the beak more because it appears to "hang" on the side of the cage which I think means it is trying to file down its own beak. It is still pretty long. The bird does talk, (sounds very strange compared to my dainty Cockatoo Mom and its funny young Son), says I love you, look at that, and then does this motion where it extends its wings and just yells. I just laugh at it. It is a biter,and I have tried not to give it attention when that happens but I have taken 10 stitches to my lip when I tried to kiss the male Father once and will not do that again w/this bird. This bird appears not to have been taken care of for a while and the woman that gave it to me says it is very quiet here. Not really.....I think the bird is content to be with others that see good interaction w/me, but I want to see it come around more. Patience and time are necessary, but I want this bird to exercise more. I also would like to get its original cage which is very large. The bird does not eat much even though I give it fruit, nuts, seed, vegetables and water. Do you think it is the beak? Or a new home of two weeks now. (I really do not want it, but am afraid what would happen if it went somewhere else). I am medically retired (disabled), and I would rather have just my three birds, but I gave the daughter my beloved Cockatoo because I felt so bad for her and the bird is doing well in its new home. What is your advice taking in this totally different bird? Often times, what is written is not so. I found that out when my female laid her eggs in a kitty litter box w/white towels and a pillow case draped across her cage w/ a clothes pin. She refused to go in a box. I can handle my birds, no problem, I do not want to force this new bird to do things, but I have to make sure it eats. I do have a dremel file....should I try that instead of a large nail file or is this bird still adjusting? Exactly how long should the beak actually be? Thank you so much for your advice, and sorry this is long, but trying to give you background of bird so that I can have some way to judge behavioral issues. Once a biter, always a biter with these? It loves to be held just like the others, but I have to take it totally away, if and when I can take it out of the cage w/a towel which it hates. Thanks for your time and attention, you are an Angel. Lauren and birds Ellie, Cuddles, Blueberry and new "Daisy", also adopted dog Gypsy who likes to jump 8 foot fences."

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