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"Hi! I have 2 tinfoils in an 85 gallon tank along with: -2 Red Zebra Cichlids(about 2 inches each) -2 Jack Dempsey Cichlids(one is about 5 inches and the other is about 4) -1 Ngara Flametail Cichlid (about 3 inches) -1 Venustus Cichlid (about 2 inches) -3 Convicts Cichlids (the largest one is about 3 inches, the second largest one is about 2 inches, and the smallest one is about .7 inches) -1 Green Terror (about 3.5 inches) -1 Red Tailed Botia (about 6 inches) -2 Common Plecos (about 8 inches each) They always stick together. One is sbout 9 inches, and the other is about 15 inches (he is huge!!!). I actually just recently bought this tank and it came with the two tinfoils, one of the plecos,the botia, and a silver dollar(which is deceased due to to much stress in the bucket while I was transporting it). All of my fish get along very well, which really suprised me since I am mixing a bunch of cichlids from different regions. My largest tinfoil barb can fit 2 1/2 blocks of bloodworms in its mouth. I now have the tank set up and it has been set up for about a year. I had all the fish that I had gotten before I bought this tank in a 30 gallon, but they were getting to big. When I bought the tank I was afraid to put the tinfoils in the 85 gallon tank because I thought they would get tortured by the cichlids. So I put them in the 30 gallon for 3 days until I finally was brave enough to put them in with the cichlids. The smaller tinfoil was fairly easy to transport across the room into the big tank. But the large one was hard because I couldnt fit it in the gigantic net that I bought for it. I had to put him in a bowl the size of a large bin to move him. He flopped around with no mercy. He actually flew out of the bowl and onto the carpet so I scooped him up and put him back into the bowl. Once I actually got him into the tank he was hairier than both of my dogs combined. These tinfoils are very hardy fish but they get HUGE!!!"

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