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"I have spoken about Emma, our parrot on your site previously - when we had just got her. Dr Jungle has her as a postcard pet. She is about 4 years old already! I think she is a HE, but nonetheless, the name Emma stuck! She is incredibly tame - which can be a problem! We leave her cage open at all times - just outside our back door. Our dogs are there too - and I prefer her to be near them, in case a stray cat comes to eat her! The dogs have a great relationship with her, but she DEFINITELY RULES THE ROOST! We are a family of 5, and no one else is allowed to pick her up! She bites them! But not immediately, which is always a problem, as they keep wanting to trust her, then she gives them a good bite! She has never ever bitten me. She wouldnt dare, because I am strict with her. I get very angry with her when she bites or tries to bite my kids and she gets taken back to her cage and closed in there for 20 mins. It doesnt help! She still bites everyone else! But some guests try their luck and she doesnt bite them - its never really a serious bite, but leaves a dent in the finger which is very painful for a child! She adores me. She waddles around the house looking for me - and she always gets attention this way, even if I take her back to her cage - as I am afraid of her messing the house, chewing the wood or cables of computers! She allows me to do absolutely anything with her! I look in her mouth, grab her tongue, she lies upsidedown in my hand. I grab her beak and shake it, as one would do with the muzzle of a dog. I cut her feathers, I rub her feet, I SMOTHER her with kisses and tickle her tummy and under her wings. In fact I am a bit rough with her and she LOVES it! She screams at the dog - ZIGGY, all day - and I dont know how she keeps on with it - because the dog never get screamed at by us! ;-). The dogs keep their distance from her - but if they are lying on a mat in our hallway and she walzes into the house, she walks within inches of them, and they dont budge! They DO keep their eye on her, though!She never ever bites them. Sometimes, I try to put her on Flash's back (she is a boxer), but she just flaps her wings and flies down. She adores any seeded bread and can destroy that for an hour, eating all the seeds. She also LOVES sweetcorn on the cob. She is very spoilt with food and is extremely greedy. She also loves to swim and splash in her water! Once we left her at home when we went away on holiday (with the dogs) and someone came in to feed them daily. I forgot to cut her wings before I left. She flew away - I think they tried to get her down from the roof with a broom, and it spooked her and she flew. She gets spooked VERY easily. She was gone for 4 days and we found her at the Veterninary CLinic. Someone WITH DOGS had brought her in. Thankfully! Unfortunately, she hates my husband and she stretches her neck out as far as possible, almost toppling off her cage to try and bite him as he goes past! He says we should let her grow her wings and fly away! Ha ha! She adores showing off in front of our friends and showing them all the things she can do - like lying on her back. I also pick her up by the scruff of her neck - like one would a kitten and she just hangs there - calm as anything! Everyone thinks thats the cutest! She just LOVES attention and would sleep with me at night if she could. Sometimes, when I rest on my bed of an afternoon - which is FAR away from her cage, she will walk the entire length of the house to come and find me - chattering and clicking all the kissing sounds all the way! Quite irreristable! Unfortunately, she DOES screech - and usually does it when I hang the washing right near her. I tell her to stop it immediately, - then she does some quiet little whistles and then hears a bird in the distance, and starts screeching again! I have battles with her all the time with this! If I start whistling or singing, she joins in and its the cutest sound. She mixes up all the notes, but gets 2 or 3 in a row right! Its really the cutest thing! She is also very funny the way she mimics us laughing! She ALWAYS mimics laughter and its a low giggle that she does, but quite amazing! She is actually extremely well behaved. Unfortunately, one of the negatives about having her outside and in an open cage, wild birds come and visit her and take her food. I am amazed that she doesnt chase THEM away! She just watches them. I think she quite likes the company! She is extremely good at immitating sounds! We live in SA, so we have an alarm system that turns on and off everytime we exit or enter our house - and she mimics the sounds it makes, as well as the squeak of the door and the clang of the gate. She doesnt say many words well - but she will try and mimic almost every SOUND we make! IF we click, she clicks, if we cough, she coughs, if we laugh, she laughs, if we bang, she bangs! Quite amazing. The tiring thing about her - is that she demands a LOT of attention! I read in one of the other comments, that the guy started leaving his parrot for LONGER in her cage - as she didnt like spending the entire day with him - I find the same with Emma - if I take her somewhere, she gets a bit tired and irritated and starts screeching, and then I know that she wants to go back to her place! They definitely DO try to communicate what they want! She also huffs up her feathers and RUNS at one of my daughters feet in the lounge! Hysterics! But one learns what to be careful of - and if you show her that you are scared - then she thinks you are submitting to her and she rules the roost even more!"
"Cindi Kirby"

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