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"I bought my ornate box turtle through a radio show, called problem corner. Its a local call in about buying, selling or trading your things. Some people listen religiously. My mom heard someone was selling a turtle, so i jumped to it. When I met Fredricks previous owners, it was a child. The mother, when passing off this box turtle to me, set him on the ground to take a picture, started knocking the back of his shell to get him to stick his head out! Me, about ready to freak out, paid the lady and carefully picked up this poor creature. As soon as we were away, I told him he would never be treated so horribly! There's traces of paint still on the cracks of his shell...I brought him home, with the tank they gave me. Since that day, my Fredricks had the life. The only thing I think he lacks, is vitamin D. I live in alaska, we don't get much sun, but I try and take him outside to roam when I have free time...or if he is awake! I dont believe he has ever hybernated! His first year with me, he slept sooo much! I've vowed to NOT allow him to be in his cage all day or night! The only time he is in his aquarium, is when I just fed him and I have to go to work. Then that, he is a wanderer! I have a 1 bedroom apartment and he can go anywhere he likes! No boundaries! He loves worms! During spring summer and fall, I dig worms for him. Winter, I buy meal worms from the local pet store. Fredrick LOVES red foods! Strawberries above all! He eats only fresh salmonberries or he will devour tomatoes! Raspberries were a treat to!! I've tried all sorts of foods for him. He is very picky! I used to dice things up, try to get him to eat different things...he is picky! He would push the food around and ignore what wasnt red! He sleeps for days to weeks at time! In the winter, he sleeps for like a month, maybe 2, will get up and get some water, and go back to sleep. When I know he is awake, I have fresh water and a food dish in the bathroom, which he knows where it's at, he freely eats and has fresh water while I'm at work. His bed is on my bed. I have a folded up blanket all for him, he finds a comfy spot in the folds and we both pass out! Sometimes, when its really cold and he is up, I will set him on my collar bone as I lay in bed, throw the covers over us and we are both down for the count! I love my Fredrick and I can just tell that he is loving the new free life I have given him! One day, I will find him a female, add her to our happy home :) "

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