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"I have ten Netherlands Dwarfs. We originally bought two but we were told they both were males and later we found out one was a female and was pregnant. We separated them after that but we kept making mistakes and letting them reproduce two more times. Now we have ten but we are very happy with them. We have had only two major accidents. At the beginning with the first and second litter we let them be together when they were young and they ended up fighting. One morning we found one of them a female, Pikachu, with part of the fur in her face ripped. We immediately took her to the vet and got her fixed and ever since then we keep them separate in separate cages. Each male has his own cage and females can share cages because they are less territorial and can get used to live with each other. The second accident we had was about two months ago my wife put the cages in out patio. The patio has a roof so she thought the rabbits would be ok with the shadow for the day while she was cleaning the house but when I checked them I found out one of the males Noodle, was shaking and acting weird. We immediately took him in the house along with the other rabbits we cooled him down but it was too late he had a heat stroke. We treated him at home and he survived it took him days but he got full control over his body and can do everything normal now he loses balance from time to time but he is happy again. It was very sad to see him struggling when he lost the mobility of half his body. If you get a rabbit make sure you take precautions when leaving them outside they are very delicate and they can easily die from a stroke. I love my rabbits as if they were my kids. This rabbits are not mean. Some have a stronger character than other but they are good rabbits when you show them respect they will show you love. Pikachu and Noodle seem to be aware we save their lives because they are the rabbits that lick us most and they seem happy to see us every time we get home. We have another male that he is very nice to me now that I don't pick him up anymore. Some rabbits don't like to be picked up they rather be pet in their cages or outside in the floor. As humans not all rabbits are the same you will learn how your rabbit is as you interact with them and you learn what they like and what they don't like and they will be nice to you if you respect them and treat them right. The question shouldn't be if Netherlands Dwarf are good for kids or not the question should be Are your kids good for the Netherlands Dwarf. If your kid is respectful and knows how to handle small animals and can learn to treat the rabbit the right way and learn what the rabbit likes and dislike then it can be a really good pet. Otherwise its better to get a bigger rabbit or even better a different pet like a dog. Sometimes Rabbits can look cute but they might not be the right pet with you they are not a pet you can leave on the corner and just fill their food and water. They need to be cared for, special attention and sometimes they need medical care as well as they are very delicate so think well before you buy a rabbit. Don't let them die because you made a poor choice. There are other pets that need less care and it breaks my heart to know that there are little Pikachus and Noodles not being taken care of and let die because of it. Please think before you get your rabbit. "

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