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"I recently acquired a (12 year old?) male Moluccan Cockatoo. He began to sneeze this evening. I have had him three days. His previous owner was very afraid of him. Supposedly a woman had owned him. I am a single, older woman myself. When I went to pick up the bird, he stepped right onto my arm with a "death grip" and has sat upon a (small) cage for the past three days, entering the cage at night. I realized he is as afraid of me as I began to become somewhat intimidated by him but offered no "feedback" and remained calm. He is settling into what I would consider a regular schedule. He is near a North-facing window and loves to watch the birds outside. He has had two, short-minute screeching sessions but nothing I would consider abnormal. I was outside the window yesterday and he was knocking on the window, I suppose, at me. I have been observing him from a distance yet interaction by offering food and water by hand. He moves very slow, almost sloth-like unless I accidentally startled him (when I was intimidated) and he flapped his wings onto the back of my head from atop his cage. Now I enter the area by announcing his name and giving a laugh which he imitates on occasion. A few times he began to make noise - almost alien sounding - but the laugh is the only recognizable noise I have heard thus far. I do care greatly for birds and would not want to get him used to constant attention but want to be able to handle him. I sit in the same room hours on end, on the computer. Today he flew to the floor and wandered about, trying to get into a silk tree at the other end of the room. When I entered and up-righted the tree, he walked calmly back to climb back to his cage. I was very surprised that he recognizes this as "his" area. I can't say enough about the intelligence of any creatures we share this earth with. I don't agree that nature should be domesticated but have a cockatiel that I indulge greatly. It took the cockatiel 4 months to warm to me but now expects a head scratch upon my approach. I offer a cup of water to the Cockatoo to which he drinks with gratefulness (very easy to see), and does have two clean water's to his avail. I provide seed and fresh fruit. The sneezing is concerning me though and yet not the only reason I write. If anyone can provide me with some other suggestions, all are welcome. His tail is only slightly frayed and he has not lost any other feathers. His previous owner (of 6 months) was a man without time and who was "very" afraid of this bird, ducking at the bird's every move. When I walked the bird to my car on my arm, the man stayed 6' behind me and the cockatoo hissed the entire way. He has not hissed once since being here the past three days. Well, wish me luck? I'd like to see all caged birds in a giant aviary. My other concern is the safety of my cockatiel who is deathly fearful of the cockatoo so I have her in another room but she will fly into a wall or window if she sees the cockatoo! I have to have day surgery and my pea-brain is trying to come up with a solution to being away for the day and the birds being safe together (I live in a small, three room trailer). Thanks again"

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