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"Once upon a time, I loved guppies. After quite a number of them died because of their genetically inferior stock (like those Dwarf Gouramis) due to overly selective breeding and other factors, I stopped buying them completely. In fact, the store where I originally bought them agreed with my findings because they, too, are tired of scooping out the dead ones - no major store names given. Where I live, a Fancy Guppy is $3. I am hoping now that their babies would produce a stronger line. It does make me wonder what kind of environment they were originally reared from, as in water condition and diet. A typical buyer has no means of knowing what these breeding farms are like. As far as babies go, if you wish to breed guppies, do it soon, and separate the babies from the adults as soon as possible. They will eat them. Tropical fishes with big enough mouths to swallow them will no doubt hunt and digest them. Also, beware of big Mollies. Females especially are very aggressive and always hungry. Never combine Black Mollies with guppies and other tiny fishes. Balloon Mollies work with guppies, but they too have their own physical, skin problems. That's another long story. If you want to have a peaceful tank with beautifully prestine inhabitants, do your homework. I'd hate to see a beautiful Cobra, Glass, Grass, etcetera guppies with chunks out of their tails because they will eventually die, sooner or later, due to infection. They are already handicapped to begin with. If you wish to raise strong fishes, try Discus and Angel Fish; however, they are mean creatures. The strongest will always attack the weak. Always. This is a common trait of all Cichlids. Have enough room for them if you wish to spend a lot of money per Discus, as in 100 gallons or more with lots of hinding places. Discus maybe beautiful, but the weaklings sure hide a lot, which is a drag in the end. Goldfish, therefore, is your best bet, if they don't have any kinds of skin disease like ich, for instance. But boy, they sure are messy."

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