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"I have recently gotten a 36 gallon bow front aquarium. I wanted to try African cichlids. I have successfully maintained a 55 gallon for a long time and I understand the ammonia to nitrites to nitrates, lighting, filter and est. 1.I have a sand bottom with an inch to 2 inches in various spots. I have rocks with holes and 4 cichlid stones. I have heard that 1/4 is the most for substrate, is this a big deal or is it more random nonessential information. Also the sand gets bubbles forming under the surface. There is no bubbler in the tank and the filter doesn't disturb the water (bubble wise) that far down. Are these nitrite/nitrate bubbles? Should I be alarmed? 2. I bought 4 "assorted" cichlids. I know that one of them is a labidochromis and another is an electric blue. There is two others, orange and albino? I am pretty sure that they are mubas? I have heard that minimum for keeping this type is 15 fish in a 125 gallon+ and I have also heard that I can have about 6 in my 36 gallon tank. Will they be to agressive to the lowest on the totem pole? What is a good answer to my predicament? Will I have to return the ones I have, or can I by 2 more? 3. I have also heard that you can use dither fish to calm them down, rainbows or whatnot. I have also heard that you cant mix them with any thing else then African cichlids. Is this wrong or true? I am so frustrated with the internet right now. I find what seems to be right and a few minutes later it's left. "

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