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"About 2 months ago my step dad was at a work-site cutting a tree behind a house. After the tree had fallen, he noticed that there were four baby squirrels lying near it. He took lunch and worked for a little while longer, about four hours. He then went back to see if the mother had gotten them, she hadn't. He brought them home, feeling bad. I loked up on the web what they eat and everything i could about them. One died 2 days after we had found it for no apparent reason, We believe it was injured internally from the fall. The second kept having feeding seizures and died a week after we had it. About this time we realized the only female left had a cut under her arm. We paid special attention to her and it was about this time we built a small cage. The boy was doing excellent and so was the female. We had not named them for fear they would die. They opened their eyes and we got hope, they climbed everywhere! One day at a feeding the little boy started choking, my step-dad loved them so much he even tried CPR! We all ended up crying because we later found out he had been chewing on his nest-box in his cage, and it could have been prevented. It ended up being only female that lived, the one with the cut, the one worse off than them all. She lived and we now call her Daisy. She has run of the house during the day and is getting large! She is friendly except for people she has never seen before. She is almost just like a dog! One day while free running the house she found a mini-oreo my little sister had dropped and started eating it! We tried to get it away from her, but couldn't! Squirrels are VERY FAST when they want to be! We know they will eat nearly anything, especially if it is sweet. We stick to a diet of fruit and nuts and still the Ebsilac milk that she originally ate. She now lives in a 'condo' that takes up a large part of our house and loves it. One person found a squirrel down the street that is male and we want to breed her, unless we let her go by then. She has given us much love and laughs and i hope i never have to see her go! We dont regret orphaning them one bit, and hope we can orphan more! We actually thought she was a gray squirrel at first, but after looking at the pictures, gray squirrels are more black and we realised she was a red squirrel! She answers to her name, and stops doing anything when we say 'no!'. Squirrels are genius!"

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