Zebra Cichlids

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Zebra CichlidsZebra Cichlids
“Zebra Cichlids are from Lake Malawi and are rock-dwellers! Also called Mbuna Cichlids, here you can find out about their care!”

One of the most popular Lake Malawi Cichlids are the Zebra Cichlids!

Zebra Cichlids, or Mbuna Cichlids, are from Lake Malawi in Africa. These are popular cichlids – and they are known for their aggressiveness and their activeness. There are many species that belong to 12 genera and they are all rock dwelling cichlids. The word “mbuna” is African and means “rockfish.”

Zebra Cichlids are the most popular of the Mbuna group cichlids. All Mbuna Cichlids used to be in the Pseudotropheus genus, but now there are several other genera that many have been moved to. Now Zebra Cichlids include Pseudotropheus, Tropheops, and Maylandia genera. All of these cichlids are very attractive and are often kept in good size community tanks together.

A total of 9 genera are in the Mbuna species and these include many different color morphs as well. They are quite beautiful with several different bright colors and patterns. Usually Mbuna females are yellow and Mbuna males are blue, regardless of genera, however they can be colored with black bars as well… Read More

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