Large South American Cichlids

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Large South American CichlidsLarge South American Cichlids
“Large South and Central American Cichlids! Here are tips on keeping large cichlid aquariums, different types of cichlids, their habitats, and their personalities!”

These Large South American Cichlids include some amazing and beautiful looking show


Many people really enjoy having show aquariums, especially for large American Cichlids. These cichlids tend to have very interesting temperaments, personalities, and along with their sizes – they really make great show specimens! Large South American Cichlids also interact with their owners and other fish/animals in their environment! These great personalities and behaviors really make keeping them as pets enjoyable!

Large South American Cichlids are part of the large cichlid family, which provides many different types of fish for different aquarium environments. They are usually durable fish. Some large cichlid hybrids are also available and they come in many different colors. Some examples are the Flowerhorn Cichlid and the Blood Parrot.

Some of these larger cichlids are better-tempered than most. All cichlids are aggressive fish, but some of the gentler ones include Angelfish, Discus, and the Severum. These ones can often be kept in community aquariums, whereas most others have to be kept singly… Read More

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South American Cichlids

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South American CichlidsSouth American Cichlids
"Keeping South American Cichlids starts with their native habitat. Facts about evolution and habitats of cichlids from the Americas, and fish care for these awesome specimens!

South American Cichlids have a lot of personality and have a variety of colors, sizes

and shapes!

South American Cichlids usually durable fish and are active and attractive. Their colors vary quite a bit, which makes for some beautiful fish in a range of sizes. Many of these fish get to “know” their owners and will interact with them through the glass. This behavior makes them a favorite fish to keep for many people… Read More

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