The Red Mushroom

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Red MushroomRed Mushroom
"Seeing is believing… and red is RED! If you want red in your reef, this exotic mushroom coral is the one for you

The Red Mushroom is extremely beautiful and will really spice up your aquarium!.

The Red Mushroom or Metallic Red Mushroom A. cardinalis is quite stunning and has a true red color. This is unusual because most reds in the aquarium world are more brown or orange. Because of this these corals are definitely sought after for aquariums. They are also efficient at taking out unwanted nutrients in the water. If you want to make sure they don’t spread too far, make sure to provide a surrounding barrier around their main rock and keep it a minimum of 6 inches from your main rocks… Read More

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Red Striped Mushroom

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Red Striped MushroomRed Striped Mushroom
"I’m often called a Red Mushroom, Red-brown Mushroom, and even a Pimples Mushroom. One look at my face and you can see why!

The shade of this mushroom depends entirely on where it’s original location is!

Other names for the Red Stripe Mushroom A. ferrugatus are the Pimples Mushroom, the Red Mushroom, or the Red-brown Mushroom. Due to it’s rusty brown color, it is very recognizable. The location that they originate from dictates their color – the most red ones originate in Hawaii! These are attractive mushrooms, with beautiful ruffled edges – great for spicing up an aquarium! Read More

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