Red Gorgonian

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Red Gorgonian - Leptogorgia chilensisRed Gorgonian

Leptogorgia chilensis
"Want a tall, gorgeous looker dress to kill in red? I may be just the ticket!"

The Red Gorgonian can grow extremely tall – often the entire height of your aquarium!

Depending on how much the water moves in the ocean or the aquarium, the Leptogorgia genus can develop many different shapes. These shapes include a dichotomous structure (a “Y” shaped pattern of branches) and a branch structure that is feathery or a pinnate structure. The Red Gorgonian generally grows quite tall, oftentimes up to 18″ in height. Other common names for the red gorgonians include the Sea Spray, the Sea Fan, and the Sea Whip… Read More

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Splendid Knotted Fan Coral

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Splendid Knotted Fan Coral - Acabaria splendenssSplendid Knotted Fan Coral
Acabaria splendenss

"What could be more splendid that a beautiful, colorful fan coral in your reef? There’s just one problem… VERY difficult to keep!"


The Splendid Knotted Fan Coral is a rarity in the aquarium industry, and a hard to keep beauty!

The Acabaria corals are found in the Red Sea, Indo-Pacific, Indian Ocean, and the Maldives. They inhabit reef crests, current swept slopes, and calm open water; but live along shaded areas or under overhangs and in dimly lit caves. They are very colorful! The attraction of these sea fans is the deep red or deep orange color of their rind contrasted behind light polyps. They also have fascinating twists and turns in their branches… Read More

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