A New Arrival on Animal-World: The Vermiculated Angelfish

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Tweet Vermiculated Angelfish“I am a Beauty!” The Vermiculated Angelfish looks strikingly similar to the Butteflyfish! The Vermiculated Angelfish Chaetodontoplus mesoleucus is a beautiful fish! Its appearance is quite similar to the Butterflyfish. In fact at first glance many people mistake it for a Butterflyfish! It is a smaller fish, reaching about 7 inches (18 cm) […]

A New Fish on Animal-World: The Blue-girdled Angelfish

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Blue-girdled Angelfish“I have a striking and unique coloring, which is different than other angelfish in my genus!” This Blue-girdled Angelfish is probably the shyest of angelfish, but one of the most beautiful! The Blue-girdled Angelfish Pomacanthus navarchus is a stunning specimen. The most unique saltwater angelfish species belong to the Pomacanthus genus. Another name for […]

The Coral Beauty Angelfish: A Great Beginner Saltwater Fish

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Coral Beauty Angelfish“Now here’s a tough little angelfish for a beginner aquarium. This small beauty is one of the all time favorites!” The Coral Beauty Angelfish is genuinely “beautiful”… with many marine aquarists favoring it! The Coral Beauty AngelfishCentropyge bispinosa is one of a few dwarf angelfish species and is one of the more popular […]