Choosing a Pet Bird

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Tweet Choosing A Pet Bird “What kind of pets are birds? Find out right here… facts about living with birds and finding the right pet bird for you!” Ever wonder what type of bird would be perfect for you? Here is a guide to finding out! Birds are often great pets for people looking for […]

Types of Pet Birds for your Home

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Birds are delightful creatures. They are the quintessential pet for those who want a companion but not all of the work. To that end, choose your bird wisely for your home or apartment. Some people shun birds in the home because of the noise. Well, it is important to note that all birds are not […]

How to Choose a Companion Bird for Your Home

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Companion birds – including canaries, cockatiels, parakeets, lovebirds, cockatoos and African Grey parrots – are very popular pets. For the right pet owner, these birds can provide daily enjoyment, as well as companionship for many years. If you’ve ever thought about getting a companion bird for your household, how do you know which type is […]