Holland Lop Rabbits

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Holland Lop Rabbits - Oryctolagus cuniculusHolland Lop Rabbits
Oryctolagus cuniculus

"I am the smallest of the lop rabbits, weighing only up to 4 pounds!"

Floppy ears make this rabbit very adorable, as well as making it a delightful bunny overall!

Holland Lops are miniature versions of the larger Lop-eared Rabbit, as are the Mini Lops. They are the most popular breed of Lops and are also the smallest. Holland Lops actually came from Holland (hence their name), where their breed started development in 1949. The 1960’s finalized the breed that has continued on through today. The United States saw it’s first Holland Lop brought over in 1976 and has since become an extremely popular pet rabbit breed… Read More

More about the Holland Lop Rabbits!


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