The Fleshy Sea Pen Soft Coral

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Fleshy Sea Pen - Ptilosarcus gurneyiFleshy Sea Pen
Ptilosarcus gurneyi

"What looks like an antique quill pen but lives in the ocean? That’s right, ME!"

The Fleshy Sea Pen is very delicate, making it one of the most interesting corals!

The Fleshy Sea Pen Ptilosarcus gurneyi is not a stony coral, but a soft coral. It is one of the Octocorals but it differs from them in a few ways. Most soft corals attach themselves to hard substrates, but the Fleshy Sea Pen uses it’s own bulb shape to anchor into soft ocean bottom areas. This also makes it fairly easy for them to dislodge themselves and move around… Read More

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The Antler Coral

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Antler Coral Acropora microphthalmaAntler Coral
Acropora microphthalma

"Just cuz I have antlers doesn’t mean I can be mounted on the wall, or made into a lamp!"

The name Antler Coral comes from its antler looking branches!

The Antler Coral, Acropora microphthalma, is a branching Acropora that is quite familiar. The group it belongs to is the horrida group, which is a group of corals that look similar and have rough branches. Other names that have arisen due to their branching forms include the Staghorn Coral, Branching Acropora, and Staghorn Acropora… Read More

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Reef Tanks – Mini Reef Aquarium Guide

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Reef Tanks - Mini Reef Aquarium GuideReef Tanks
Mini Reef Aquarium Guide

"Reef aquarium setup. How to set up any reef, large reef tanks to Nano reef tanks, Pico and MIcro reefs too!"

Mini Reef Aquariums can be as small or large as you want – from only a few gallons to

hundreds of gallons!

A mini reef is an aquarium set up in one’s home that keeps corals, invertebrates, and fish from the ocean that are allowed to be kept as pets. They can make for a very lively and entertaining centerpiece in your home! There is even rock used in reef aquariums called “live rock” due to all the little organisms that live and grow on it!

Actual reef aquariums differ from the a regular saltwater aquarium because they have actual corals, invertebrates and anemones rather than just fish with fake decorations in the tank… Read More!

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The Kenya Tree Coral

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Kenya Tree Coral - Capnella sp.Kenya Tree Coral
Capnella sp.

"I’m just an easy care beauty that will grow like a weed, a saltwater weed that is!"

The Kenya Tree Coral is a great soft coral for beginners!

The Kenya Tree Coral Capnella sp. is extremely hardy once established in an aquarium and easily propagated. This makes them a very good beginner coral. It is definitely the strongest coral of all the Nephtheidae family genera and most people have vast success with them. As a matter of fact, they are so easily grown and kept that if you are part of a reef club or know people with reefs, many people will give one of theirs for free!… Read More

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A Saltwater Aquarium Guide – How To Set Up a Saltwater Aquarium

Saltwater Aquarium Guide - Setting up a Saltwater AquariumSaltwater Aquarium Guide
Setting up a Saltwater Aquarium

"Super Quick Guide – Beginner saltwater aquarium setup in five easy steps! All you need… supplies, setup, cycling, and fish!”

Anyone can keep a saltwater aquarium! If you so desire and are dedicated, you can begin

keeping many types of marine life!

Many types of marine life – including fish, invertebrates and corals are available to keep in a home saltwater aquarium. Owning and maintaining a saltwater fish tank can be extremely fun and exciting because of this, regardless of whether you are just starting out or not!

Check out Animal-World’s Quick Guide to a beginner’s saltwater aquarium! It gives an outline in five steps, including needed supplies, building the aquarium, cycling the aquarium, and how to introduce your fish… Read More!

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The Knobby False Coral

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Knobby False CoralKnobby False Coral
"What’s with this ‘knobby’ stuff? Don’t you think they should name me for my best attributes? After all I am the most colorful mushroom coral in the world!"

The Knobby False Coral can be expensive due to its brilliant colors!

The Knobby False Coral is another coral that belongs to the Ricordea genus and they have a large variety of amazing and beautiful colors. This makes them very sought after for coral enthusiasts! The more colorful and brilliant their colors, the more they cost. However, if you can get them to breed/multiply then you may be able to recover some of that cost. The other popular coral from this genus is the Florida False Coral R. florida… Read more

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The Florida False Coral

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Florida False CoralFlorida False Coral
"It’s a lie! I am not false, I really am a coral! AND… I am one of the prettiest mushrooms you’ll ever lay eyes on!"<
br />

The Florida False Coral quite often contains several mouths!

The Florida False Coral is part of the Ricordea genus and is quite colorful for a mushroom. Members of this genus are quite popular among aquarists due to their brilliant colors and variety. Depending on their colors, they can be quite expensive. There are definitely other corals that are more pricey though, such as the Knobby False Coral R. yuma… Read More

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The Tree Coral

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Tree Coral - Lemnalia sp.Tree Coral
Lemnalia sp.

"I’m a tall and skinny soft coral, but that doesn’t mean I’m a clutz. I’m actually quite dignified, stately, and even graceful!"

The Tree Coral belongs to the Lemnalia genus, and it is a wiry, thin and tall soft coral!

The Lemnalia genus, in which the Tree Coral belongs, is part of the Nephtheidae family. The Tree Coral is relatively thin compared to other corals in that family and it also does not have polyps. It’s polyps are on it’s branches instead, and they are pretty scarce, not dense like many others in the family… Read More

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The Green Hairy Mushroom

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Green Hairy MushroomGreen Hairy Mushroom
"I’m called ‘green’, and I often am, but I can be pink and brown and a combo of colors too. But no matter how you paint me, I’m still a whole bunch of hairy!"

How could you not want a Green Hairy Mushroom in your coral reef?

The Green Hairy Mushroom is a very popular mushroom to have. It is part of the Rhodactis genus and almost everyone with an coral reef aquarium has one or wishes they had one. They are very pretty, easy to take care of, relatively inexpensive to buy, and usually abundant in pet stores or online… Read More

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The Waving Hand Coral

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Waving Hand Coral - Anthelia sp.Waving Hand Coral
Anthelia sp.

"How about a coral in your tank that greets you? I can do that! Can you feel the love?"

The Waving Hand Coral has long tentacles coming from its polyps, which look like


The Waving Hand Coral or Anthelia sp. is an encrusting genus, which is the main thing that separates it from other Xeniids. They have an encrusting mat which their long and cylindrical polyps grow from. At the top of these polyps they have eight pinnate (feathering) tentacles which are very long. Other names this coral goes by include the Feather Coral, the Glove Coral, and the Pulse Coral… Read More

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