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Striped Raphael Catfish Fact Sheet
Striped Raphael Catfish - 03-25-14
The Striped Raphael Catfish is very peaceful and thought to be the nicest of the Thorny Catfish!
Spotted Raphael Catfish Fact Sheet
Spotted Raphael Catfish - 03-21-14
The Spotted Raphael Catfish makes a croaking or clicking noise when you take it out of the aquarium!
Large-spot Catfish Fact Sheet
Ocellated Synodontis - 03-17-14
The Ocellated Synodontis is a catfish with plenty of spots, and sometimes very big spots!
Pink Skunk Clownfish Fact Sheet
Pink Skunk Clownfish - 02-27-14
The Pink Skunk Clownfish is one of the most unique anemonefish, pink with a white "skunk" stripe and a winning personality!
Cinnamon Clownfish Fact Sheet
Cinnamon Clownfish - 02-20-14
The Cinnamon Clownfish makes a "spicy" addition to the saltwater aquarium!
Tomato Clownfish Fact Sheet
Tomato Clownfish - 02-13-14
The pretty Tomato Clownfish is a tenacious anemonefish, both in durability and its attitude!
Saddleback Clownfish Fact Sheet
Saddleback Clownfish - 02-04-14
The Saddleback Clownfish is quite distinctive, it looks just like a fish with a "saddle"!
Sebae Clownfish Fact Sheet
Sebae Clownfish - 01-28-14
he Sebae Clownfish is probably one of the best known, but most seldom seen of the anemonefish!
Elegance Coral Fact Sheet
Elegance Coral - 12-26-13
   The Elegance Coral is one of the most beautiful corals available!
True Percula Clownfish Fact Sheet
True Percula Clownfish - 09-29-13
The True Percula Clownfish is a favorite of many marine aquarists, and it now comes in more than 5 different varieties!