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Blue Goby Cichlid Fact Sheet
Blue Goby Cichlid - 02-17-15
The Blue Goby Cichlid is one of the most attractive goby species from Lake Tanganyika!
Poll's Tropheus - 02-14-15
The Poll's Tropheus is the only Tropheus cichlid to have a 'lyre' type tail fin!
Blunthead Cichlid Fact Sheet
Blunthead Cichlid - 02-14-15
The Blunthead Cichlid may actually have a variety for every color of the rainbow!
White Spotted Cichlid Fact Sheet
White Spotted Cichlid - 02-14-15
The White Spotted Cichlid is a fanciful spotted youth that turns into a gorgeously banded adult!
Blue-Eyed Tropheus Fact Sheet
Blue-Eyed Tropheus - 02-13-15
The Blue-Eyed Tropheus is one of the more popular fish from Lake Tanganyika!
Jersey Wooly Rabbit Fact Sheet
Jersey Wooly Rabbit - 02-06-15
   The Jersey Wooly Rabbit has become extremely popular, not only as a show animal, but as an exceptional pet!
Four-Eyed Fish Fact Sheet
Four-Eyed Fish - 01-29-15
The Four-Eyed Fish doesn't really have 4 eyes, but it might as well!
Mollies Fact Sheet
Mollies - 01-25-15
The Molly is truly an aquarists delight because it's colorful, active, peaceful, and hardy!
Platies - Moonfish Fact Sheet
Platies - Moonfish - 01-20-15
The Platy is considered the color king of the live-bearer fishes!
Swordtail Fish Fact Sheet
Swordtail Fish - 01-15-15
The most popular aquarium fish next to the Guppy is most certainly the Swordtail!