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White Pearly Calvus Fact Sheet
White Pearly Calvus - 03-23-13
The White Pearly Calvus is distinctive in both shape and color, making it a very attractive cichlid!
Sardine Cichlid Fact Sheet
Sardine Cichlid - 03-22-13
The Sardine Cichlid is energetic and colorful, a great addition for the upper part of a Lake Tanganyika tank!
Compressed Cichlid Fact Sheet
Compressed Cichlid - 03-22-13
The Compressed Cichlid a  beautiful and graceful fish, and with a very distinctive body shape!
Featherfin Squeaker Fact Sheet
Featherfin Squeaker - 03-20-13
The Featherfin Catfish is a pretty fish with delicate lacy fins and a polka dot patterning!
Balloon Kissing Gourami Fact Sheet
Balloon Kissing Gourami - 03-08-13
Balloon Pink Kissing Gourami are very cute hardy fish, and an easy aquarium inhabitant to keep!
Marlier's Julie - 03-05-13
The Marlier's Julie is a very interesting and intelligent fish with an intriguing personality!
Dickfeld's Julie - 03-05-13
The Dickfeld's Julie is an attractive dwarf cichlid, but differs from other Julies in color and shape!
Masked Julie Fact Sheet
Masked Julie - 03-05-13
The Masked Julie is the smallest of the Julies, so easy to house in tight quarters!
Gold Nasuta Fact Sheet
Gold Nasuta - 03-05-13
The handsome Gold Nasuta is a large eye-catching cichlid, but one that is only slightly aggressive!
Convict Julie Fact Sheet
Convict Julie - 03-05-13
The Convict Julie is very pretty fish and quite tolerant, with the nicest temperament of its genus!