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Dickfeld's Julie - 03-05-13
The Dickfeld's Julie is an attractive dwarf cichlid, but differs from other Julies in color and shape!
Masked Julie Fact Sheet
Masked Julie - 03-05-13
The Masked Julie is the smallest of the Julies, so easy to house in tight quarters!
Gold Nasuta Fact Sheet
Gold Nasuta - 03-05-13
The handsome Gold Nasuta is a large eye-catching cichlid, but one that is only slightly aggressive!
Convict Julie Fact Sheet
Convict Julie - 03-05-13
The Convict Julie is very pretty fish and quite tolerant, with the nicest temperament of its genus!
Daffodil Cichlid Fact Sheet
Daffodil Cichlid - 03-04-13
The Daffodil Cichlid is one of the most beautiful and hardy of the Tanganyika Cichlids!
Blue Neon Fact Sheet
Blue Neon Cichlid - 03-01-13
A school of Blue Neons are a joy to keep, these delicate beauties have a gentle nature and vibrant color!
Blue moorii Fact Sheet
Blue moorii - 03-01-13
The Blue Moorii is called the 'Hump-head' because it will develop a pronounced bump on its head!
Brevis Shelldweller Fact Sheet
Brevis Shelldweller - 02-25-13
Small sized and gentle natured, a pair of Brevis Shelldwellers can be kept in a tank that is as small as five gallons!
Cylinder Cichlid Fact Sheet
Cylinder Cichlid - 02-25-13
The Cylinder Cichlid is not only attractive, but is easier to care for than other Tanganyika fish!
African Butterfly Peacock Fact Sheet
African Butterfly Peacock - 02-20-13
African Butterfly Peacocks are cichlids that are highly variable in color, but each individual is bright and breathtaking!