Snow Corn Snake

Complete Albino Cornsnake

Family: Colubridae Picture of a Snow Corn SnakeElaphe guttataPhoto Animal-World: Courtesy David Brough
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I have recently purchased my very first snake, EVER, and I have chosen a snow corn snake, and I must say HE'S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL I have ever seen. We have named him... (more)  Kelly Gratton

   The Snow Corn Snake is one of the most beautiful of the corn snakes!

   Like all corn snakes the Snow Corn Snake, or Complete Albino Corn Snake, makes an excellent pet for the advanced beginner. These colorful snakes will tame down in a short time becoming very docile, even tempered, and tolerant of frequent handling. They are very hardy and easy to maintain.

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Elaphe guttata
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  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Reptilia
  • Order: Squamata
  • Family: Colubridae
  • Genus: Elaphe
  • Species: guttata

Distribution:    The Snow Corn Snakes offered to the hobbyist are bred in captivity.

   The Snow Corn Snake or Complete Albino Corn Snake will grow to the same size as a normal corn snake which is between three and five feet. They are a heavier bodied snake than the garter snake or the kingsnake, though their length is about the same.
  As an albino they have striking, ruby-red eyes. Their body coloring is a pale pinkish-white with a pinkish-white belly. They have no black or colored pigmentation and no pattern or only a ghost hint of a pattern. The pinkish coloration comes from their blood. Like all corn snakes, their scales are lightly keeled.

Feeding:    They are a constrictor and their diet consists of mice and other rodents, chicks, and lizards. Feed once or twice a week, depending on the size of the food and the size of the snake. As you get to know your snake, you'll learn what its feeding needs are. Fresh water in a shallow dish should always be available.

Environment:    They do not eat other snakes, and so they can be housed alone or in groups with other snakes of similar size and habits.
   You can set up their terrarium as either a woodland type, a desert type, or a combination of the two and you provide moderate humidity. See the terrarium types described under Basic Reptile and Amphibian Care for more information.
  This snake needs a hiding place and a small water dish. It also likes to climb, so a vertical or semi-vertical tree limb with some plant vining is great.

Temperature and Lighting requirements:    They do well at 75° to 85° F in the daytime, and 65° to 72° F at night. Because they are albino, they do not do well in bright lighting. You can use a substrate heating device for basic heating. For additional heat, you can add a full spectrum incandescent daytime bulb and a blacklight bulb or red incandescent bulb for nighttime heating. Be sure you use a thermometer so you don't let the terrarium become overheated!
   For more detailed information see the Basic Reptile and Amphibian Care: Housing.

Breeding/Reproduction:    These snakes, if not babies, need to be probe sexed for positive sex identification. Like all corn snakes, the are egg layers and breed readily.

Availability:   The Snow Corn Snake or Complete Albino Corn Snake has been successfully bred and they are generally available as pets.

Author: Clarice Brough. CRS
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Kelly Gratton - 2008-11-22
I have recently purchased my very first snake, EVER, and I have chosen a snow corn snake, and I must say HE'S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL I have ever seen. We have named him BOB as we wanted a name that no-one would forget, and so far, no-one has hahaha. At first I was very frightened about handling him thinking he was going to bite me at every opportunity, but he has never given me a reason to be scared of him, and I can feel a bond with him already (does that sound weird). I no longer feel scared of him and I am handling him now as often as I can... apart from when he's ready for feeding! I hope me and BOB have a long and happy relationship, and I can definitely say I would love to have another, but for now I'm happy.

  • michelle - 2012-10-02
    Our baby snow corn has escaped. Do you think my dogs would have ate it. Because I can't find it anywhere
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-10-02
    My guess is that it is probably in the house somplace under or behind something. These guys get out and they can find the best hideaways imaginable.  Good luck with the search.  WOW  not fun.
  • mary-jane - 2013-07-20
    Just remember that these sort of snakes are not very nice. If they had got out and need to go back to there tanks I also have a corn snack and she gets out almost all the time.
  • Michelle - 2015-07-28
    no doesn't sound weird at all I fell in love with orange thanks 2 years ago when me bought our first 1 and now I love all types of reptiles. But corn snakes hold my heart I love them like other people love their dogs l_o_l.
magen - 2012-08-12
We actually had a southern corn snake named Billy Jack and two weeks ago he escaped from his tank:( I was sooo upset this guy was sooo friendly and easy going and was almost three feet long...he hasn't turned up so I went to my breeder or new snake and fell in love with this baby snow corn snake. She's a girl which is exciting and is kinda pink and has the best pink eyes. I can't bring her home til the 24th but I'm excited to bring this lil girl home

Josh Amole - 2012-03-23
I have had smakes before, some being; An Eastern and western Hognose, Normal Corn, pygmy rattle, and my first was a simple garden snake. I currently have none due to recently moving and my mom forcing me to sell (give away in the case of the rattle, I do no;t know if they are legal to sell in my state.) all of mine. I would be very intrested in buying a Snow Corn Snake to breed if anyone has one and are looking to sell. I am experianced and handle them very well, it will get a good home.

  • Josh Amole - 2012-03-23
    You can e-mail me at feel free to email and ask for my phone number for more information.
Denise - 2012-04-22
I took my 4 yr old to the pet store and told him to pick anything he wanted. Instead of a fish he picked an albino corn snake and named him Mr Strawberry. He is so frienldy my 4 yr old holds him no problems :) and he feeds him and takes care of him. I'm glad we have him - very friendly snake