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Teddy Satin Guinea Pig

Family: Caviidae Teddy Guinea Pig, Teddy Satin Guinea Pig PicturesCavia porcellusPhoto © Animal-World: Courtesy Jess
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Hi! Ok so i've gotten a Teddy guinea pig. Who is 4 Months old, but my other guinea pig dosent like her, or she is kind of domanating.. Do you know how to make Then... (more)  Anonymous

  True to its name, the Teddy Guinea Pig looks something like a stuffed animal!

  The Teddy Guinea Pig's most distinctive feature is its dense, wiry coat. Despite the 'wiry' description, the coat may be either soft or rough to the touch. This coat overlaid on it's rounded guinea pig shape make it truly look like a 'teddy bear'.

  There is no need to worry about the Teddy's coat matting, but regular brushing is important. You need to remove any debris that becomes trapped so that it will not irritate the skin. This is the primary grooming concern for Teddy owners, and care is otherwise easy.

These cuddly little critters make great companions. The Teddy Guinea Pigs are curious, fun-loving creatures, and they make good pets for kids. They are natural entertainers that love attention.

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Cavia porcellus
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  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Mammalia
  • Order: Rodentia
  • Family: Caviidae
  • Genus: Cavia
  • Species: porcellus
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   The Teddy Guinea Pig is the result of a genetic mutation. It was later bred competitively, and the Teddy became a recognized breed in 1978. Teddies are now fairly common and quite popular. Today they can be found in many pet stores.


  The Teddy's coat is unlike that of any other Guinea pig. It is short, dense and fuzzy, and should have no rosettes. Some are soft in texture, while others are similar to a Brillo pad. Both textures are acceptable according to breed standards, but some say that the rougher coat is favored by most judges.
   Teddy Guinea Pigs are shorter in length than most other breeds. They have the same so-called Roman nose as the American Guinea Pig. This simply means that their noses are wide and curved.
   Satin Teddies are less common than the standard Teddy, but they are growing in popularity. They feature a shinier coat and are recognized by the ACBA.

Color differences:

   The Teddy Guinea Pig may be found in any of the standard Guinea pig colors. Agouti patterns are common in this breed.

Keeping Guinea Pigs:


   Be sure to provide your guinea pig with a good home and a proper diet. This will keep it happy and healthy and ensure a great pet for a long time.

   Guinea pigs need plenty of exercise and they also love to play. You can let them outside or run around in the house for short periods of time under supervision. They love to explore and need at least one hour of supervised 'floor time' every day.

   When picking up a guinea pig make sure you do not grab it only by its shoulders. Just keep in mind when picking your pet up to do it evenly. With your hands, support it's entire body, and be careful not to drop it.

   Guinea pigs are social creatures and will like to have a companion. They are great companions for children.

   Take time to learn what your guinea pig needs, including:

  • housing
  • care and feeding
  • social behaviors
  • activies
  • handling and training
  • breeding guinea pigs
  • baby guinea pigs.


  Teddy Guinea Pigs usually sell for $20 to $30. They are often available in pet shops, and many breeders sell them as well.
   Guinea Pigs come in many varieties and are readily available at pet stores, shelters, and rescues. When looking to acquire a pet guinea pig make sure it is a healthy animal. A healthy guinea pig will have brilliant eyes, good sound teeth, and a healthy coat. Any age and either sex will make a good pet, however you should plan to get more than one as they are very social and do best with a companion. Get a same sex pair or you could end up having babies.


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Anonymous - 2015-07-02
Hi! Ok so i've gotten a Teddy guinea pig. Who is 4 Months old, but my other guinea pig dosent like her, or she is kind of domanating.. Do you know how to make Then friends?

  • Clarice Brough - 2015-07-09
    Guinea pigs are very social creatures that actually like and need companionship. However, introducing two guinea pigs that don't know each other can cause some problems of dominance. It's best to keep them separated but close to each other for about 2 weeks, so they can see and smell each other. Then put them together in a neutral area for a little while, like a bath tube or a small room, for a few days. Add some veggies to keep them occupied as they get used to sharing space. This usually gets them over the hump of 'new guy in my space' problem. Then try putting them together in cage with their own territories, like separate hides, and see if they get along. There are times when two pigs just simply won't get along and then will have to be kept in separate cages, but more often then not they will adapt.
rasheeda - 2015-02-27
Looking for a teddy guinea pigs

Anonymous - 2015-02-17
I want to get a guinea pig . 1 or2?

  • Clarice Brough - 2015-02-18
    Guinea pigs are very social animals and like a companion. To get a better understanding of them see the social behaviors section on the Guinea Pig Care page.
Amy - 2014-10-21
Hey I want to get a teddy guinea pig. They are so adorable! But I worry it might get lonely. My mother said i could have 1 so what do i do to make it happy? Just play with it and let it run around under supervision for a while? I will do what ever it takes to make it happy healthy and comfortable. Could I get help with this?

  • Clarice Brough - 2014-10-21
    These are very social animals, herd types actually, and they really should have a companion. If they must be kept alone you will need to provide daily interaction and make sure it never goes for too long without attention. Even still, it may get depressed, so you'll have to keep an eye out for that. The best thing to do is ask you mother to let you get two... easier for you and much easier for the guinea pig.
  • Anonymous - 2014-12-06
    'Just play with her a lot and she will be very happy.Also,make sure you get all the stuff you need to make her feel like she's at home.remember,guinea pigs love to eat a lot so make sure you don't feed her too much.And when they wan't to take naps just let them be.Oh,and if your hand or finger smells like food,she will actually bite on you're finger or hand,but it doesn't hurt,only if you think it will.So,taking care of a guinea pig is easy,you just need the right stuff to.Now REMEMBER,guinea pigs are VERY delicate when they're babies,so if you let them jump from a high distance,they could probably die.So,when you go to sleep,MAKE SURE she is in the cage.'
rasheeda - 2015-02-27
Looking for a teddy guinea pigs

DARCI - 2010-12-04
I wanted to get a Teddy guinea pig for a christmas gift for me, do you know a breeder in California that I may contact? Please email me.