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Sun Conure

Family: Psittacidae Sun Conure Picture "Oscar" "Oscar"Aratinga solstitialisPhoto © Animal-World: Courtesy Becca Edmonds
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I had a sun Conure but he died, he was the sweetest bird I ever had when he did not want to see anyone he wound get down in the inside of my blouse and stick his... (more)  Rita pelt

   When the Sun Conure is fully mature and has all its coloring it is gorgeous, but even juveniles are extremely pretty!

"Widget" a Sun ConureWidget Photo Courtesy: David Brough

  "Widget" is an exceptional Sun Conure. He loves to do tricks with his owner and is very playful and affectionate.

   Sometimes "Widget" sleeps, or plays "dead bird" in his owners hand. He loves to hang out and he is free to fly about, but when he's ready for a break he always goes back to his cage. "Widget" is fun to be with, fun to play with and fun to look at!

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Guide to a Happy, Healthy Conure

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Aves
  • Order: Psittaciformes
  • Family: Psittacidae
  • Genus: Aratinga
  • Species: solstitialis

Scientific Name: Aratinga solstitialis

   These birds are native to Guianas to northwestern Brazil.

   The Sun Conure, a small member of the parrot family, is one of the most colorful of the conures. Their nice personalities and their gorgeous coloring make them a favorite pet. There are a variety of conures, and most make excellent pets. They vary in coloring and size, the Nanday Conure, for example, is a larger conure with a black head and green body. For a smaller bird and a great pet, a conure is a great choice.

Size - Weight:
   These birds get up to 12" (30 cm).

Care and feeding:
   A roomy cage is required unless the bird is to be let out for extended periods. Many birds can spend most of their time on a play pen or parrot perch. They eat a variety of sprouts, seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and commercial pellets, as well as the same nutritional foods humans eat.

   See About Conures: Housing and About Conures: Care and Feeding for more information.

Social Behaviors:
   They live in pairs or small groups of 10 to 20 birds. They love to play, and can be fairly destructive if not watched. They can also be rather noisy. Despite all this, they make a real fun pet and are very popular.

Activities:  Loves to climb and play. Provide lots of toys.

"Thorn" a Sun Conure
Thorn Photo Courtesy: Kristy
"Thorn" is a real good example of color variations that conures can have within one species. He is very yellow, and this is after his very first full molt! ...Kristy

   They breed readily if they have the right size aviary. The hen lays four eggs which are incubated for about 26 days. The young fledge (leave the nest) after about 8 weeks. The nest box size should be 12" x 12" x 12".

Potential Problems:    As with most Aratinga species, this bird can be noisy.
   See About Conures: Potential Problems for information on illnesses.

  This bird is generally available. They can usually be found at pet stores and reputable breeders.

Author: Clarice Brough, CAS
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Rita pelt - 2014-09-23
I had a sun Conure but he died, he was the sweetest bird I ever had when he did not want to see anyone he wound get down in the inside of my blouse and stick his head out I would walk around with him there but he died my husband died I want one so bad I miss him but I don't have the money to pay. As much as they cost if any one has babies that I could buy one for I appreciate it very much

  • alicia feldhacker - 2015-04-06
    my sister has a rescued sun conure with a seemingly crippled foot. she is in Iowa. are you interested? it is about 8 yrs old.
bill - 2003-08-19
Hi Kathryn,
I regards to your question, I have a 3 year old Sun Conure named Gazoo, about the only thing I can get him to say is "Hello" which he learned all on his own when he was about 10 months old. Beside "Hello" he has learned no other words.

From my understanding Sun Conures are not very good talkers, but I have discovered they are good at mimicing sounds, and they are a ton of fun. Although Sunnies are not good talkers, but like all parrots they are very intelligent, and the more you hang out with your bird the more you will appreciate their intelligence, whether or not he/she ever learns to talk much.

Best Regards,

BARBARA NEFF - 2012-12-31
My conure and love bird regurgitate on things,what is that and why do they do it?

  • Melissa - 2013-03-09
    Birds do that to show 'affection' towards one another or even certain people.
  • valerie - 2013-12-11
    my conure does the. same thing. he really must love you. he is feeding you. you must be his mate! you ate so lucky! good luck!
Jill - 2014-08-08
That is ridiculous. You don't need to get a baby unweaned to have it bond strongly to you. I bought mine at three months old and she loves me to death!! She is very well bonded to me and loves my husband as well. All you need to do is give it love and attention. This is for anybody who is reading this blog that thinks they need to buy an unweaned baby to have a strong bond. Definitely not necessary. I love my baby to death and she loves me!!