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Tortoiseshell Cats have a beautiful tapestry of wonderful interweaving colors!
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Brittney Peyman - 2011-09-01
I found this very interesting. I have a male tortsoiseshell cat and he is very lovey. I didnt know that most are sterile. But the comment about them not being very masculine and almost femminane I dont agree with. Jackel, our male, is very dominant and is always out hunting and playin with our other male cat. Mind you, our other male is twice his size and he never backs down from him... even when they do actually fight. Them being protectors I can agree with. When I go to bed he sits at my window seal and watches over me from the same spot all night!!! Its almost creepy.

Marcie - 2011-07-18
We have a female tortie who showed up at our house about a month ago. She has loved our lab since day one, and is the sweetest little thing. Vet says she is 1 to 4 yrs. old. She is an outdoor cat who is very content to be left alone. She has made our front porch her home, and when we do go outside, loves to be petted. We feel fortunate she chose us.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-18
    That is neat.... I had a tiger cat show up and named him Jack. He would dissapear occasionally for a week or so at a time. Then he would come back and I'd bandage him up and finally he decided that in the house was better than the wild and was he ever a wonderful pet. Jack was the guard cat of the guard dogs.
somebody - 2011-07-02
I have a tortie or torbie named Velvit Rose because I got her from Safe Haven on Valentines Day! She is a goofy nutty wacky cat that just can't settle down. At Safe Haven she was as shy as ever and now she just won't be quiet and runs all over the place! She is 1 year old her b-day is May 2nd and I just love her to death!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-02
    Glad you enjoy. Sounds like a great disposition.
jade - 2010-03-24
How much are these cats worth?

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  • Editor's Note - 2010-03-24
    Toroise shell is a color pattern, not a breed. Most of them are probably mixed breeds that you can pick up at an animal shelter for very little money.
  • Carlenne - 2010-06-08
    In dollars? They are not rare, so not "valuable". But they are certainly lovable and beautiful and full of attitude.
  • Adolf Hitler - 2010-06-20
    7$ on tuesday, or friday
    10$ on any other days.
    You really don't want them though because they are just little *****!
  • Eugene Wolkow - 2011-01-04
    I assume a lot. They are rare. Most mongees are calicos, tabbies, spotted and solids. After I picked mine up, in a graveyard no less, I've had quite a few offers to take her.

  • Aly\'s J - 2011-03-31
    My little Maisie is priceless! She is such a joy to have around.
  • kathy - 2011-06-27
    Mine was free, she was born a stray.
c. lopez - 2011-05-07
I invited the cat into my house just once and later that week she moved in! She's the best cat I've ever had-affectionate (but not clingy), good watchcat-she'll growl when someone is approaching the door, fearless fighter-doesn't like visiting cats, very friendly to all the neighbors who invite her in and a great mouser and birder-not too keen on snakes. She can also be an insistent nag when she wants something. If I don't wake up to her meowing, she'll start poking me in the face until I get up and she makes you aware when she wants to eat or go out! She's about 18 years old, always been healthy and still going strong.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-09
    Good for you. I had a cat named Snoopy (cuz she was) for 19 years. Couldn't find her one time and it was because she had crawled into the refrigerator. I got her when I was seven. She would attack my mother if my mother yelled at me. Gee, I loved the cat. She walked me to school and would wait for me by the back yard gate to come home. I just really enjoyed her hissing at my mom if she yelled at me. My mother was afraid of the cat.
jessica - 2010-02-28
i got a tortie from jacks aquarium. I should have known when I saw her climbing on the cage upside down and bitting my necklace that she would be a nut ball. She loves water and getting into any room she knows shes not allowed to. She attacks blinds, and my american bulldog. She thinks she is queen bee around here, her favorite thing to do is bow up and hop around. She doesn't like cat nip but acts like shes on it 24/7. She wasn't the lap cat I wanted but she def gives me entertainment, I hope she calms down in the years to come.

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  • Ali - 2011-03-11
    THIS is my kitten too :)
  • tami - 2011-04-09
    I also have a nut job tortie, named gracie lou and I adopted her from the good shephard Humane Society in Euerka Springs, Ar. She is the funniest cat I have had, and I
  • tami - 2011-04-09
    I have a new tortie, named gracie lou, who i adopted from the humane society. Its funny that you call her a nut ball, i also call her that, she is crazy acting at times and I think she is so funny to watch. Does yours have really big ears? Hers seem really big, which really makes her cute. She also acts like she "on" catnip 24/7....only 9 months old, hoping she mellows out with age!
  • klaus - 2011-05-03
    I have a tortie who looks exactly like yours so much so I thought it was Lucy. I got her from the rspca. She has been the best companion for me. I call her my cat,dog. She is 1yr now and has finally learnt to sit with me. My daughter just loves her to death and I think the cat thinks the same of her. I could not have been so lucky for Lucy to have chose me to bring her home.
Tee - 2011-04-02
I have a tordie named Shelly. I founded her four years ago at a Shell station, she had been there for 3 weeks and the store owner had been feeding her hoping to locate her owner. I walked in and she followed me in the store and rubbed my leg. I took her home and she has been with me ever since. She is my baby and is priceless to me!

Tammy - 2011-02-20
I lost my beautiful tortie, Jezebel, this week. She was a tiny little girl who chose our family when my parents' neighbors moved and decided to leave her outside in Minnesota in November. She was declawed so left pretty defenseless to other outside cats. We had her for about 14 years; we don't know what her age was when we got her. She slipped out of our house undetected on an adventure a year ago (she was not an outdoor cat once she came to live with us). She was getting elderly and I was so afraid I wouldn't see her again, but a kind delivery person picked her up and saw my posters and returned her to me two days later. I am so blessed and honored to have been "hers". I will miss her so much; she was a wonderful and unique kitty with a one of a kind personality.

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  • Lou Thierwechter - 2011-02-24
    We got our "Tortie" just before Christmas. She's a cute little kitten who was living "in the wild" and came to us late one night. We have since given her all her meds and she is in good health. She is very playful.

    We will be moving soon and already have a tiger cat and so this one is "up for adoption." We are hoping to find her a good home. She will give her next owner many years of comfort and fun. Anyone interested can write to us at PO Box 547, Allegan, MI; 49010.
Barb Williston - 2010-11-02
I acquired a tortoise shell cat after the little neighbor boy found her in a ditch.......she wasn't even three weeks old.....after attempting to find her mother or no more kittens I brought her in the next day and syringe fed her......she is of course now ours and we love her very much......We have another cat that we took in as a kitten five months ago. At first he wouldn't tolerate the new addition but now they get along great......only took less than a week and they are now inseparable.....We love them both......

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  • Caitlin - 2011-01-18
    Awww...That sounds like how I got my tortie. My cousin found her in a storm drain during the stormy October of 2002. A sister was found a couple of days later and the vet tech adopted the sister. My Cinder-cat has been a wonderful companion for over 8 years.
  • Sue - 2011-02-12
    Some kids at the school where I teach found my Molly with a cookie bag on her head. She was about 4 weeks old. Although she was able to eat on her own, I fed her kitten formula. I figured it would help her bond to me, as she was feral. It worked like a charm. She absolutely adores me although she is what we call the "invisible cat" when family or friends come over. She has become a huge part of my every day.
stu - 2011-02-11
I've been feeding my tortoise shell cat, I named Picassa, for about 3 years. She's a feral cat, and even when I spend time out front, she's pretty skittish with me. She likes girl humans a bit more. She has, on occasion, let me pet her and brush her. I keep a brush at the ready just in case. I wish she would be less afraid of me.