The Sapphire Splash is a color variation of the Sapphire Gem Chicken, both of which are fairly new chicken variations and relatively difficult to find. Since the breed is so new, they are only available through a handful of selected hatcheries.

The Sapphire Gem typically has blue plumage, with gold and grey around the head and neck, while the Splash variety is far lighter in color, with darker splashes of blue or grey throughout their body. These birds are known to be hardy animals that tolerate cold well and are excellent egg producers.

Read on to find out more about this rare, unique chicken breed!

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Quick Facts About Sapphire Splash Chickens

Breed Name:Sapphire Splash
Place of Origin:Czech Republic
Uses:Eggs, meat
Male Size:Up to 7 pounds
Female Size:Up to 5 pounds
Color:Blue, grey, white
Lifespan:6–8 years
Climate Tolerance:Cold and hot weather hardy
Care Level:Easy to care for
Production:High egg production, 290–300 eggs per year

Sapphire Splash Chicken Origins

The Sapphire Gem was initially developed in the Czech Republic, although little is known about the exact origins of the breed. They are said to be a cross between a Blue Plymouth rock and a Barred Plymouth Rock, although this is mostly speculation. Unfortunately, even less is known about the origins of the Sapphire Splash, except that they were developed from the Sapphire Gem in recent years.

Sapphire Splash Chicken Characteristics

Sapphire Splash chickens, like Sapphire Gems, are hardy birds that are highly tolerant to both cold and hot climates. They typically reach 5–7 pounds in weight and are docile, easy-to-care-for birds. They are known to be affectionate birds that enjoy being close to their owners, even cuddling onto their owner’s lap at times! They are known to be excellent foragers and are a great choice for a free-range flock. While they are calm and docile birds, they are highly alert and aware of predators.


Sapphire Splash chickens are prolific layers, considered to be among the best layers around, and produce around 300 large brown eggs per year. These chickens are medium-sized and don’t get that big, so they are rarely kept for meat production. Since they are such docile and affectionate birds, once their egg production slows after 2–3 years, they are most often kept as pets.


The Sapphire Splash is similar in appearance to a Sapphire Gem, but instead of the dark, lavender-blue, and grey plumage of the Gem, the Splash has light, almost white-grey plumage with “splashes” of darker blues and greys. Both the roosters and hens have the same coloring, although roosters tend to have a darker neck and head at times and may have the characteristic white dot of Gems on their head.


Sapphire Gem chickens are a new chicken breed, and the unique Sapphire Splash color variation is even more new. These unique birds were developed entirely in captivity and are only available through a handful of small hatcheries, so they can be extremely difficult to find.chicken feet divider

Are Sapphire Splash Chickens Good for Small-Scale Farming?

Since Sapphire Splash chickens are such prolific layers, they are an ideal choice for small-scale farming. They are small birds and are not suited for meat production, but they are docile, friendly, and easy to care for. They are also hardy animals that tolerate hot and cold conditions well.

With their beautiful plumage and gentle temperament, Sapphire Splash chickens make great additions to any backyard flock!

Featured Image Credit: Micaries, Shutterstock