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"A couple months ago a buyer came to look at some horses I was selling. She brought her daughter, a 10 year old kid. I didn't know that we would end up riding, or I would've brought a saddle and bridle, or at least a helmet! We got on my 22 year old black mare Stormy. The kid and I rode her bareback with nothing to hold on to but her mane. No helmets, nothing to save us if we fell. Especially since Stormy is not a little girl. After a while my mom and the kid's mother decided they would go look at some more horses. That left us all alone and my life in the hands of a ten year old girl. She wanted to see what would happen if she let go of the horse. Even after being told no, she did it anyway! Stormy immediately turned around and started running. I was sooo scared! It wasn't until we hit the rocky path that runs through the field that I finally managed to free my hands from her mane. I decided that if she reached the other horses and started a stampede, it would be the death of me. So I bailed and went into a tuck-and-roll. After I hit the ground and stopped rolling, it took about 15 minutes to get air back into my body. I was so mad! Not at Stormy but at the kid. Then she lied about what happened saying the horse jerked her head up. The nerve! I couldn't believe it! FIRST SHE ALMOST KILLS ME AND THEN SHE HAS THE NERVE TO LIE ABOUT IT?! After catching up Stormy and telling her she did nothing wrong, I ripped that kid a new one. I walked away with a damaged pride, some pretty bad scrapes and bruises, a friction burn on my finger, and a bump on my head. Haven't been free-riding since!"
"Merida DunBroch"

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