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"My fiancé and i pulled over to take a look at an adoption truck in a parking lot in our small city one day. We’d been discussing a playmate for our other cat. When we got there there was a mother with kittens and one kitten caged alone shaking in fear from all the barking of the dogs. So i pointed to him and said hes so scared and all alone. My fiancé asked to see him and he instantly crawled up under his short beard for safety. Needless to say his heart broke for the baby and he wouldn’t let him go so I did the paperwork and found out he was only 3-4 weeks old. I was curious why they separated him from the rest and quickly found out. While he wasn’t weened and tried to suckle regularly he was a huge eater. We feed him with a syringe for a week adding tiny bits of soft food within a week he was eating on his own and switched to hard food without a hitch. After he chased our full grown dog into her kennel at a week old we named him Kimbo after Kimbo Slice the fighter as he had no fear! He slept daily wrapped around my neck and chest like a furr coller in July I almost wish I hadn’t had to pull him away. He would climb the dog chewing on an ear or wagging tail with glee. I kept telling my fiancé I swear he’s bigger than he was yesterday and he thought I was imagining it, but within the next two months he had joined the bandwagon; both of us wondering what we brought home because he was still increasing rapidly. Now at 7 months we know. Large as a full sized cat its hard sometimes to remember he's a baby. He’s still growing with huge paws and a ringed tail but is a picture of a tabby Maine Coon. I always wanted one but I’m an adopter with so many in need I’ve only bought one pet in my life from a breeder. Kimbo is a stereotypical Maine Coon in that he is MY cat and will be affectionate towards my fiancé ( especially at dinner) but he sleeps stretched out at night his back to my front. He is shy around strangers and tends to hide. I can do almost anything I want to him but he’s a little less trusting to others. He is so precious to me I’ve forgotten what life was like without him. He loves meat; lunch meat, any leftovers from dinner just like a dog. But he goes CRAZY for my fiancé’s smoked meats he makes especially the pork roast and brisket. And with a full belly of smoked meat he won’t leave my side all night long sleeping hard and content! We introduced him to another cast off kitten we ended up with who is a polydactyl calico runt of the exact same age, and he cooed in front of her kennel for nights instantly in love. They are a true Mutt and Jeff combo but they play hard and love hard. Curled together for naps running room to room they are almost inseparable. And when I cry Kimbo runs to comfort me. He is so easygoing and lovable, huge, handsome, playful, and precious I fear I will never love another like I do him. Im so glad we stopped that day and cant wait for all our experiences to come! Kimbo thank you for making my life so full and rich. I hope everyone else gets to feel like this someday!"

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